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At the London centre Queen Elizabeth II will make an Islamic preacher of Nazism

This Sunday at the London Convention centre Queen Elizabeth II, in the framework of the exhibition Palestine Expo, organized by the group «Friends of al-Aqsa mosque», will perform Ebrahim bham, a Tibetan drama – an Islamic preacher of hate, calls it The Telegraph.

Bham, a Tibetan drama «famous» for his anti-Semitic and openly Nazi statements. In particular, he quoted the words of Joseph Goebbels, who said: «the Fact that the Jew still lives among us, does not prove that he also belongs to us. Similarly, the flea does not become a pet just because it lives in the house.»

Bham, a Tibetan drama is the Secretary General of the Council of Muslim theologians of South Africa, on the site where you can find all the notes of his sermons.

According to British intelligence, in 1997 bham, a Tibetan drama performed the duties of translators when the Nizamuddin Shamzai, «Minister of justice» of the Taliban.

The announcement of the speech Abraham Bhama in the building where is located the British Department for combating extremism and supporting integration, has caused indignation of a group of conservative Christian Concern, as well as representatives of the Jewish community in Britain. The Prime Minister of Britain Theresa may sent a letter with a demand to prohibit the holding of lectures of Nazi and anti-Semite.

At the London centre Queen Elizabeth II will make an Islamic preacher of Nazism 08.07.2017

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