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At the meeting in Petah Tikva, Netanyahu called a «dog» and «devil»

Sunday, October 29, in social networks are actively discussed posters that were carrying demonstrators outside the house legal adviser to the government of Aviha Mandelblit. The demonstration took place on the evening of 28 October and was attended by approximately 300 people.

Among other things, the demonstrators carried slogans with the words «For any dog, there comes a day of reckoning», «Mandelblit and Nitzan – the devil’s advocate», as well as a poster פיפי וחרה נתניהו

The first of the posters, which carried the protesters, said in his microblog twitter political commentator Second channel ITV Amit Segal.

Knesset member Micky Rosenthal («Zionist camp»), he said: «it makes No sense to publish the contents of the posters, the value of which is less than tokaca on any website».

Recall that the head of the party «the Zionist camp» of AVI Gabay, previously participated in the demonstrations near the house legal adviser to the government, said in an interview with «Posters everyone brings for himself what he wants. It’s not a party rally. And the main thing not it. People protest against corruption, demand that measures have been taken against corruption. Absolutely legitimate».

Chief editor of «kalkalist» Yoel Esteron wrote in response to the publication of posters: «the Prime Minister leads an attack on the strongholds of Israeli democracy, and you care about the inscriptions on the posters?»

This week in Israel will host events dedicated to the 22nd anniversary of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been repeatedly criticized for having taken part in the demonstrations, in which up posters inflammatory content.

At the meeting in Petah Tikva, Netanyahu called a «dog» and «devil» 29.10.2017

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