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Attack on Pyongyang will lead to tens of millions of victims. Review of Russian media

Two weeks military doctors from Russia held in Damascus about 70 complex operations that were not able to do local experts who have lost the qualification due to the war, said on Tuesday Pro-Kremlin «Russian newspaper».

«Every day they had to save 50-70 patients. Didn’t have time to do some aesthetics, restoration. Well, now we need to catch up: the memory of war to erase not only of human souls but also with people» – leads edition of the words of the chief of the centre of maxillofacial surgery and dentistry of military hospital named after Burdenko Sergei Deliduka.

According to the TASS news Agency, two weeks ago came to Damascus more than ten Russian specialists, including surgeons, ophthalmologists and traumatologists. They brought with them modern medical equipment, which will remain in Syria.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin considers absurd the simultaneous inclusion of Russia in the sanctions list together with North Korea and request to Moscow to join new sanctions against the country, according to the same publication.

«Of course, it is at least ironic – to put us in the one list with North Korea, then ask for help in the exercise of sanctions against North Korea, he said the results of the BRICS summit. – Do the people who confuse Austria with Australia, and then go to your President and say: «Now let’s convince Russia that they tightened sanctions».

Russia will sue the United States in connection with White house decision to restrict access to the territory of the Russian diplomatic missions. This was stated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during a press conference at the BRICS summit, reports on Tuesday the news Agency «Interfax».

According to Putin, he will give the order of the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs to go to court because of the decision of the United States. «This is a clear violation of property rights of the Russian side. Therefore, to begin will instruct the foreign Ministry to go to court. View the effective functioning of the vaunted American judicial system», – leads edition of the words of the Russian President.

North Korea reduced the nuclear warhead to the size, allowing to load it into an Intercontinental ballistic missile. This writes 5 September, the newspaper «Kommersant» with reference to the statement of the Ministry of defense of South Korea.

According to the intelligence of this country, Pyongyang will hold its next missile test on 9 September or 10 October. On Monday at an emergency meeting of the UN security Council members condemned the «provocative missile and nuclear activity of the DPRK.» Simultaneously, South Korea conducted a simulation of air attacks on the North Korean polygon Pungere where the tests are conducted. According to the Russian military-diplomatic experts, which refers to the publication, the top leadership of Russia is concerned not so much conducted by the DPRK’s missile launches, as the consequences of a potential response by the U.S. and South Korea.

If the government wanted to limit the creative work of Director Kirill Serebrennikov, he would be allocated public funds. On Tuesday said Vladimir Putin, answering questions of journalists in China Xiamen. The President stressed that the Studio Serebrennikov for three years received from the state about 1 billion rubles. And the task of the investigation was to check the legality of spending the money, the newspaper «Izvestia».

«If they wanted to restrict his activity, he would not give state funds, but he received them, and it’s not small money» – quoted Putin TASS news Agency. The President added that the house arrest of the Director does not mean that at the moment he is guilty of something. If the other artists there will be «some data», they will also be checked, Putin said.

«North Korea could turn trump’s «paper tiger» is the title of an article in «Komsomolskaya Pravda» where are the opinions of Russian experts on topical issues of foreign policy and, in particular, the North Korean crisis. Sergey SUDAKOV, Professor of the Academy of military Sciences, in response to a reporter’s question, will decide whether trump to attack the DPRK, said: «Now he’s scared, but it will actively push for this. The generals and intelligence agencies are pressuring that they do not need the President a wimp. You may be forced to take a preemptive strike. If trump will delay, you will lose your generals».

Dmitry Abzalov, President of Centre of strategic communications, explains that such a step will not lead to the desired result: «It will be too expensive pleasure. A preemptive strike will not cover all the objects – they are scattered, are underground. And the retaliation will have on the densely populated South Korea and Japan. Victims can be from a million to tens of millions of people. To hide the population will not be able to escape there’s nowhere to go. China will perceive it as an attack on their positions, and in North Korea, the Americans will have a guerrilla resistance with the elements of the nuclear maneuvers. If the us needs a small victorious war, then certainly not here.»

Attack on Pyongyang will lead to tens of millions of victims. Review of Russian media 05.09.2017

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