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«Auschwitz bookkeeper» Oskar Groening will go to prison on the decision of physicians

The expert medical Commission declared unfit for serving a prison sentence of 96-year-old «accountant of Auschwitz» – SS man Oskar Groening involved in the murder of 300,000 Hungarian Jews, the prisoners of the death camp, and sentenced in 2015 to four years in prison.

About it writes on Wednesday, August 2, the website of the newspaper the Jerusalem Post.

Still, Groening was released because his lawyer appealed the verdict. The appeal was dismissed in connection with the conclusion of physicians, which concluded that the health status of former Nazi allows him to be in jail.

Lawyer Hans Holtermann representing the interests of the defendant, believes otherwise. He said in an interview with Reuters that his client would not survive in prison conditions, and intends to appeal.

Defense of former Nazis was based on the fact that he did not personally kill the Jews and served wherever he was sent. Prosecutors claimed he was part of the Nazi killing machine and must be punished.

However, after reading the testimony of former prisoners of Auschwitz, Groening changed his position. His lawyer read out a written statement in which he admitted that he first realized the enormity of their actions.

«I can’t forgive for forgiveness from the victims, to forgive me, only God can. The decade I spent in denial, the reason for which it is hard to call. Perhaps the fact that I was taught to obey orders,» wrote a 94-year-old defendant.

According to former prisoners of death camps and of the attorneys for the families of the victims, these words came too late. They are convinced that Groening should be punished for his part in the Holocaust.

«Auschwitz bookkeeper» Oskar Groening will go to prison on the decision of physicians 03.08.2017

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