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Austria is considering a ban on the hijab in schools and kindergartens

Vice-Chancellor of Austria Heinz-Christian strache, the Minister for civil service Affairs and sports, initiated the ban on the hijab in Austrian kindergartens and elementary schools at the Federal level.

About it writes on Sunday, April 1, the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung, citing an interview given to a senior official this edition.

The Vice-Chancellor is confident that the measure would allow girls as young as school age to feel the protection of the state, to develop freely and contribute to their integration into the Austrian society.

According to strache, the ban on hijab in primary education along with the study of the German language also ensures the integration of other faiths in the Austrian society that prevents the wearing of the Islamic headdress.

«It plays into the hands of political Islam, which creates a dangerous parallel community in various organizations and associations» – said the Austrian Minister. He added that necessary preventive measures should be administered from a young age.

Recall that on 1 October 2017 in Austria was introduced «ban the burqa» – a Federal law banning concealment of the face in public places, which concerns, first and foremost, Muslim women wearing the burqa, the burqa and niqab, but also applies to those who are hiding the face in public places or on transport.

Violation of the law punishable by a fine of €150, the rejection of its execution – the arrest and transfer to a police station for discussions. The only exceptions are gauze bandage, which is put under doctor’s orders, as well as extremely cold weather, the holidays, masquerades or professional necessity.

Over the past six months the police have recorded no more than fifty cases of violation of the new law. According to the interior Ministry successful implementation of the ban on wearing the burqa promoted a special campaign launched by the Austrian authorities: newsletters in four languages – German, English, Turkish and Arabic.

In addition, the Ministry of foreign Affairs has taken care in advance about how to inform about innovations of authorities of those countries, where in Austria the tourists arrive in clothing that conceals the face and head.

Austria is considering a ban on the hijab in schools and kindergartens 01.04.2018

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