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Avigdor Lieberman: «We will not allow Iran to throw the noose on the neck»

Wednesday, October 25, defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman visited the location of the division of Gaza. An inspection tour by the Minister of defence summed up in the following words: «the Project of erection of improved barriers developing in a satisfactory manner in full compliance with the schedule. Today this system is daily proving its effectiveness. When the barrier system will be completely built, it will significantly enhance the security of the residents of the South generally and of the inhabitants of the settlements near the Gaza strip in particular, and also violate the plans of the enemy. The South is thriving, thanks to the prevailing calm. All made in the last year and a half, proving its effectiveness. Stationed here, IDF forces do an excellent job with their tasks, and ensure the safety of the residents of the region. And we will continue to act to preserve this peace.»

After the inspection, the construction of protective structures, defence Minister held a meeting with the command of the division and County. During the trip the Minister was accompanied by Deputy chief of General staff, major General Aviv Kohavi, commander of the Southern command major General Eyal Zamir and the commander of the territorial division, Brigadier General Yehuda Fuchs.

After that Avigdor Lieberman visited the training base No. 1, where he met with cadets and commanders at officers ‘ school.

Speaking to them, he said, «Iran is trying to throw us a noose around his neck. What is happening in Syria under the dictation of the Iran – part of the plan of strangulation of Israel. We are not going to silently watch it. We will break this stranglehold, and if necessary will do it exclusively on their own, if other means prove ineffective.

The most important thing for us is people and their human qualities. Dedication and personal example. Everything else is just addition. And today I learned again that no army in the world has such a professional staff like ours.

We are facing tremendous challenges. But the most serious is the Iranian threat.
Years, Iran has supported and coached the «Hezbollah» and «Islamic Jihad» in Gaza, and now they take control of Hamas. The other day we saw the Hamas delegation, headed by Salah Arouri had visited Iran. This is the same Salah arouri, who led the negotiations on the alleged reconciliation between Hamas and the PLO. The same Salah arouri, who claimed responsibility for the abduction and murder of our three boys in gush Etzion. The same Salah arouri, who during and after his visit to Iran does not tire of telling about the destruction of Israel.

And what is happening on a tip from Iran to Syria is part of the Iranian plan of strangulation of Israel. Their attempts to build in Syria a private sea port, a military airfield, a base for subordinate Shiite mercenaries imported from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq – all part of their plan aimed against us. Add to this their desire to equip weapons, anyone who tries to harm us.

Our goal is not adventure, but security of Israeli citizens, preventing, as far as possible, wars. And this is only possible by strengthening our deterrent forces and efforts in the international arena.

We are constantly and consistently building up our military strength, and the IDF is the strongest army in the region. I think it is obvious to all. But in the international arena we are working tirelessly, and we conveyed our position to all the major players in this arena, primarily Russia and the United States. And we will continue to work in these two directions: to strengthen our army and to defend their case in the international arena.

However, we, no doubt, will take the most decisive measures to prevent the creation around us, the Iranian stranglehold. We will do this on their own, if other means are exhausted. Our determination to disrupt these plans of Iran lately, we have repeatedly demonstrated, and I really hope we don’t have to do it again.»

Avigdor Lieberman: «We will not allow Iran to throw the noose on the neck» 26.10.2017

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