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Ayoub Kara told Reuters of «returnees» from the ranks of the IG

The regional cooperation Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara (Likud), Knesset representing the Druze community, acts as an informal mediator in the negotiations between the state and Arab citizens of Israel who go to Syria or Iraq to participate in hostilities on the side of «Islamic state», writes Dan Williams from Reuters.

The source indicated that Kara talks through relatives of militants and mediators, promising that will reduce the prison terms, if the Islamists will return to Israel, will collaborate with the security services and will keep other potential fighters from the support of the IG.

According to Kara, «a dozen volunteers» gave their consent.

While Kara says he’s desperate to dissuade anyone from joining ISIS. He emphasizes that people who have adopted a similar solution, should be aware of: they «take the one way ticket».

The interview took place shortly after the leader of the terrorist organization «Islamic state» Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi released another recording, which had threatened to carry out attacks against Israel. In his address, al-Baghdadi said that the Israelites vainly hoped that he and his henchmen are «forgotten Palestine». According to him, the militants «for a minute» did not forget about the Palestinians. Al-Baghdadi declared that the Islamic state is approaching Israeli territory every day, and soon Israel «will see us in Palestine and terrified at the sight of our soldiers». According to him, «Allah is specially gathered the Jews in one place to make them easier to kill.»

We will remind, in October ISIS first released a video in Hebrew, is addressed to Israel. The militant group in a military uniform and a black mask then threatened the Jews that the «Caliphate» will destroy them first in Jerusalem and then around the world.

Reuters provides information about the accessions of Arab-Israelis to IG and talks about how the Israeli secret services identify supporters of the IG.

Ayoub Kara notes that before the Israeli intelligence services were interested in receiving information about the activities of the IG, but now, when the whole world is fighting with this terrorist group, and constantly received new intelligence information that there is no point in obtaining testimony from those who voluntarily fought on the side of ISIS, and is now cooperating with the investigation.

Ayoub Kara told Reuters of «returnees» from the ranks of the IG 30.12.2015

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