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Bailiffs took over the Arabs who committed the terrorist attack in Jerusalem bus

According to the website Nana10, the Office of bailiffs demanded from the terrorist who committed the attack in a Jerusalem bus in 2015, to settle a debt in the amount of one million shekels. Of this amount will be paid compensation to the families of the deceased and the injured.

The attack was carried out on 13 October 2015. Abu Ghanem, a resident of the village Dzhabal Mukabr, along with an accomplice, to «take revenge for the occupation of al-Aqsa mosque» and «murder by settlers of Arab children», armed with a gun and a knife entered the 68 bus route on the corner of Oley and-Garden and Barazani in Jerusalem.

Abu Ghanem opened fire with a pistol, and his partner has caused to the passengers stabbed. The bus driver stopped the car and opened the door, but one of the terrorists blocked the exit. Police and border police (the MAGICIAN) arrived at the scene of the attack. Bilal Abu Ghanem was shot and arrested, while his accomplice eliminated.

The attack killed two people – a 51-year-old Alon (Andrew) Govberg and 78-year-old Haim Haviv. 76-year-old Richard Lakin was seriously injured, and died 27 Oct.

Abu Ghanem was sentenced to three life sentences and 60 years in prison. The court also ordered the terrorist to pay families of the victims compensation in the amount of 250 thousand shekels to the families of the wounded – 150 of thousands, and the bus driver 100 thousand shekels.

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Bailiffs took over the Arabs who committed the terrorist attack in Jerusalem bus 18.07.2017

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