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«Balanced approach» Bernie Sanders: we need to respect the residents of Gaza

The Senator is a Jew from Vermont Bernie Sanders, who won last week’s convincing victory in a primary election in Wyoming, gave an interview to the program State of the Union CNN, during which it outlined its position regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Sanders stands up for the safety and prosperity of Israel, but it is extremely concerned about the plight of the Palestinians and considers it necessary to establish an independent Palestinian state in the framework of the project «two States for two peoples».

In an interview with the lead Jake Tapper he called his approach «more balanced» and takes into account the interests of both parties to the conflict, although contrary to national consensus on this issue.

«It doesn’t matter, Jew or not, but I hope that all citizens of this country understand, what sufferings brings to endless war and aware of the need to end the middle East conflict,» says the Senator. «We certainly support Israel, but we cannot ignore the needs of the people of Gaza, endangered by poverty and unemployment,» says Sanders.

Recall that earlier this month, the Senator came under fire, stating that during operation protective edge in the Gaza strip allegedly killed 10,000 Palestinians, although in reality there were killed 2.130.

He later apologized for this inaccuracy, however, continues to insist that Israel’s response to Hamas attacks was disproportionate.

«Nobody disagrees with the fact that the Israelis deserve peace, security and independence and should not be subjected to terrorist attacks. But I think that there will be no peace in the region until and unless we begin to respect the dignity of the Palestinians and to reckon with their needs,» says Sanders.

Recall that his opponent in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton, the leading candidate for the US presidency from the democratic party, in an interview with the same program stated that she supports the right of Israelis to self-defense.

Clinton said that, as a facilitator of the peace talks between Israel and Hamas in 2012, I realized that Hamas provoked the Israelis. They turn the population of Gaza into human shields, resulting in civilian casualties, which the Israelis are trying to avoid.

«When your people and the army fired a barrage of missiles, you have to react,» concluded the candidate.

As previously reported, last weekend held intra-party elections of candidates in US presidents from Republican party in the state of Colorado and the Democratic party in Wyoming. The winners are Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders.

Provisional result for the electoral votes of the Republican party (for nomination at the Convention 1.237 need votes): Donald trump – 743, Ted Cruz – 540, John following keysik – 143, Marco Rubio – 167 (out of the race), Ben Carson (retired from racing) – 6, Jeb Bush (dropped out of the race) – 3.

The Democrats continues to lead Hillary Clinton, although she lost to Wisconsin (44% vs. 56% Bernie Sanders).

«Balanced approach» Bernie Sanders: we need to respect the residents of Gaza 11.04.2016

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