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«Baltika» intends to sue «New wheels» for «the Revolt of the Negro against judges»

Football club «Baltika» (Kaliningrad) plans to file a lawsuit against the newspaper «New wheels» for the title of the article «Revolt of the Negro against judges».

On the club’s website posted a statement:

«On the eve of the world Cup in the Russian Federation is the fight against all forms of discrimination – on ethnic and racial origin, social status and religious beliefs and any other grounds.

Football club «Baltika» is no exception. In every pre-match magazine (the programme) published a Declaration, clearly indicating our strong position.

The players are single family. Football is a great game that unites all peoples of the world.

Therefore, managers and employees, coaches and fans of «Baltika» deeply outraged by the article that publishes on a regular basis on the pages of the edition «New Wheels».

Forward of our team Senina Ebai – one of the brightest players in the FNL, selflessly fighting for the honor of the club in every game and publicly izmenivshiysya for his short temper after the game in Samara – is called not by name, not by name, not by role. And use epithets emphasizing his racial origin.

It’s a shame for the entire Kaliningrad region – the Western gate of Russia. This is unacceptable for a region spattered with the blood of Soviet soldiers who liberated Europe from the epidemic of Nazism. It defiles the memory of our grandfathers who fought for the lofty ideals of equality and freedom.

Today publishers «NC», regularly publishes a lie, crossed the line.

We are determined to stop all discrimination and I want to say that we should not evaluate people of our region for these pseudo-journalists, articles which exude the stench of chauvinism and racism.

Officially declare – the publishers of this rag will be filed lawsuits.

We urge all the healthy forces of the Kaliningrad region to unite against the hideous Chimera of fascism, to say «no» forgotten grin of racial intolerance.

No to racism! No to fascism! No xenophobia!»

In the match of the 14th round of the FNL Baltika in Samara lost to «Wings of the Soviets» 0:3. The Ivorian striker Senin Ebai (previously played in Romania, Moldova and Belarus) received two yellow cards within one minute and left the field in the 14th minute.

Goals against kalinigradtsev scored Sergey Kornienko (former player «Tom», «Dnepr», «Zenit», «Rubin» and «Blackpool»), a former midfielder «Locomotive» Alan Chochiev and Sergey Samokhin (previously played for FC Kryvbas, Arsenal Kyiv, Dnipro, Odessa «Chernomorets», «Mordovia», «Tom»).

«Baltika» intends to sue «New wheels» for «the Revolt of the Negro against judges» 23.09.2017

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