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Barber Jew forced to abandon work on Saturdays

A resident of Montreal, hairdresser Richard Zilberg, filed a lawsuit against his direct boss, iris gressi, forbade him from working on Saturdays, on the grounds that he was Jewish, reports The Star.

The court of Quebec decided that the ban violates the right to freedom of conscience and religion, and demanded that the company, led by iris gressi, paid the 54-year-old Silberg compensation in the amount of $ 12,500.

Richard Zilberg was employed in the salon Spa Orazen in October 2011. According to the agreement, he worked six days a week, including Saturday, the «hottest» day at the salon. Suddenly, however, iris gressi, who is also Jewish, said Silberg that, in accordance with the new policy of the salon, Jews are forbidden to work on Saturdays. However, she demanded that her employee was not told about this «new policy» to its customers.

After Zilberg told one customer that he was not allowed to work on Saturday, gressi dismissed the obstinate Barber, accusing him of disclosing confidential information.

Barber Jew forced to abandon work on Saturdays 14.07.2017

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