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Barghouti lost 12 kg. an Overview of Arab media

The Maan Agency reports that for the first time since the beginning of the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners to its initiator Marwan Barghouti was allowed a lawyer HADR SCART. According to him, within 28 days of hunger strike Barghouti has lost 12 pounds, he’s not allowed to change his clothes, and his camera full of insects. He also complains that he was not allowed to read books.

Egyptian newspaper «al-Ahram» writes that President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi visited Upper Egypt and took part in the opening ceremony of several major infrastructure facilities. He said that the government is taking urgent measures to stabilize the economy. Special attention is paid to the solution of the food problem.

According to TV channel «al Arabiya», the Tunisian authorities intend to seek recognition of a synagogue in Djerba UNESCO world cultural heritage. This is the oldest synagogue on the African continent, the site of annual pilgrimage for Jews. The channel reminds us that in colonial times, the Jewish community of Tunisia was about 100,000 people. Now there is 1.500.

The Arab News site quoted the head of the Commission for promotion of virtue and against sin Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah. He denied the media publications, according to which the police returned the lost powers such as the right of arrest. The head of the Commission also reported that his staff will be happy to help those who need advice.

Barghouti lost 12 kg. an Overview of Arab media 15.05.2017

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