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Barghouti stopped drinking. Review of Arab media

The TV channel «al Arabiya» reports that the representative of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General of this organization and the President of the Security Council. In him the Kingdom accuses Iran of supporting terrorism and violating international law. The actions of the official Tehran as crimes against humanity.

The Hamas website «Palestinian information center» reports that 76 participants of the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners it took the previous day hospitalization, in addition to 36, admitted may 15. It is also reported that the initiator of the hunger strike Marwan Barghouti refused not only eat, but to drink, declaring a dry hunger strike.

The newspaper «al-Hayat» tells about the next conflict that arose in the preparation of the visit to Israel of US President Donald trump. He intended to visit the Western Wall, however, according to the official position of the United States, this object is not under Israeli jurisdiction. This caused shock in Israel. At the same time, the new American Ambassador in tel Aviv to pray at the Wall.

The website «al-Bawaba» reports that Geneva hosts next round of talks on the settlement of the situation in Syria. The six-year conflict in that country claimed at least 322 thousands of lives. The newspaper reminds that the current round is the sixth, and the prospects of the process appear

Egyptian newspaper «al-yum al-Saba» writes about the completion of restoration work in the cave Rommel, in which during the Second world war was the headquarters of this famous General. The Museum was opened here in 1977. Then the mayor of Stuttgart Manfred Rommel gave the Museum personal belongings of the father. However, due to the deterioration of the caves, the Museum was closed for a long renovation.

Barghouti stopped drinking. Review of Arab media 17.05.2017

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