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Bashar al-Assad supports trump’s decree banning immigration from Syria

Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad gave an interview to radio Europe 1 and TF1 TV channel, which reported: he approved of the decree trump, temporarily restricting entry to the United States citizens of seven Muslim countries, including Syria. The President is convinced that the ban was not intended to let into the country terrorists.

Interview in question, the audience will see on Thursday evening, February 16, according to British tabloid the Daily Mail.

«This law is directed against terrorists who leaked to the West along with the immigrants. It happened in Europe, especially in Germany. I think trump’s goal is not to let them into the country, it is not against the citizens of Syria», – quotes the edition of words of Assad.

Recall that the Assad government regularly criticizes the Western countries that accuses of supporting the Syrian rebels, which Damascus calls terrorists, and warns that this policy will lead to an increase in the number of terrorist attacks in the world.

Trump has not yet formulated its position on Syria, noting however that it may reduce the financial support provided by USA to the rebels. He also said he intends to revive cooperation with Russia, which is allied with Assad.

Assad, however, evaded a direct question from the presenter, whether he believes trump’s policies is correct, saying he doesn’t know where it will lead. The Syrian President also said that the conquest of Raqqa, a stronghold of ISIS in his country is not his main priority he intends to give back all the territory seized by terrorists, «to the last inch».

«Raqqa is only a symbol. ISIS is approaching in Damascus, they are already everywhere. Raqqa, Palmyra, Idlib – are equally important for us, it all depends on how you will develop hostilities», – leads edition of the words of the President.

Assad denied that his regime has resorted to torture, saying that the defectors write heartbreaking stories designed for human rights defenders: «what’s there to be tortured? Of sadism? We have all the necessary information. Such crimes play into the hands of terrorists, and our goal is to win the hearts of citizens. If we tortured people, we would not have had such support from them during all these six years.»

Bashar al-Assad supports trump’s decree banning immigration from Syria

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