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«Bayt Yehudi» against the Likud: the Ministerial Committee on legislation paralyzed

Sunday, January 14, was the third time in a row cancelled a meeting of the interministerial Committee on legislation. This Commission meets once a week, discussing the draft laws submitted by the deputies of the Knesset.

The work of the Commission is paralyzed on the background of the differences between «Likud» and «Bayt Yehudi».

The party of Bennet demand to promote the bill the so-called law about the University in Ariel.

This bill, initiated by Knesset member Shuli Moalem-Rafael (the»Bayt Yehudi»), provides for the distribution to the University in Ariel status, which are the universities participating in the Council for higher education. This should provide an opportunity for the University to engage in research, and particularly access to medical school.

In turn, the head of the organizing Committee of the Knesset Yoav Kish (Likud) refused to advance the bill until then, until the approval of a law to abolish the automatic transfer of children to mothers in divorce cases.

In the «Bayt Yehudi» said that as long as the law on Ariel will not be approved, the work of the inter-Ministerial Committee on legislation will resume.

In an interview with Deputy Shuli Moalem-Raphael accused the Yoav Kish of abuse of power. «Kish is acting violent means, by blocking a bill to Ariel University. This law is necessary for the development of the University, Kish is well aware, however, prefer to block the law to force us to accept the law on the abolition of «chezkat Gil and stuff». We do not give in to blackmail, the law may move only under condition of achievement of the agreement, and this agreement no. Kish is trying to blackmail us, but until then, until the law about Ariel is not approved, the Ministerial Committee on legislation will resume».

Surrounded by Yoav Kish, a man laid all blame for the crisis surrounding the Committee on legislation to the head of the «Bayt Yehudi» Naftali Bennett. «Bennett is behaving like a small child and instead of coming to agreements, he launched a campaign against Netanyahu. It’s not against Mualem Kish is Kish and Bennet. Last Wednesday was already reached agreement on the law on Ariel, but Bennet began to speak out against Netanyahu. We are not going to engage in these manipulations.»

Shuli Mualem called this explanation a «kindergarten». «There is a coalition, there are rules adopted in the coalition, and they must be respected. They also apply to Deputy Yoav Kish. If he breaks the rules, it should be understood that such a move has consequences,» she said.

«Bayt Yehudi» against the Likud: the Ministerial Committee on legislation paralyzed 14.01.2018

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