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BBC related marriages in the Pakistani community lead to genetic diseases in children

Edition of the Daily Mail talks about the documentary «if I Should marry my cousin?», filmed by broadcaster BBC. The film is dedicated to the problem of genetic diseases in children born of consanguineous marriages in the Pakistani community of Britain.

In the documentary deals with the study of «Born in Bradford» initiated a group of scientists in 2007: they followed the health of 13,500 children born in this British city with a large Pakistani community.

The main character of the film was 18-year-old girl named Heba Marouf, belonging to the Pakistani community of Bradford. She is trying to figure out if you can risk the health of future children for the sake of her relatives, insisting on her marriage with his cousin was «happy.»

A recent report by the British Ministry of health showed that, although the proportion of Pakistani communities in the country accounted for only 3% of babies born each year in the country, 30% of children with genetic diseases grow up in families of immigrants from Pakistan.

Recall, according to the study, published in the Daily Mail seven years ago, more than 50% of British Pakistanis are married, and marry their cousins and sisters. In Bradford we are talking about 75% of consanguineous marriages. This practice is widespread among immigrants from Eastern Africa and the Middle East.

In the average British children’s hospital for ten years there are courses of treatment of 20 to 30 children with recessive genetic diseases. At the hospital Bradford up to 165.

The children of the Pakistani community three times more often than their peers experiencing difficulties in learning. The health care system Britain spends millions of pounds on the proper care of sick Pakistani children.

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BBC related marriages in the Pakistani community lead to genetic diseases in children 08.07.2017

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