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Beefing up NATO forces in Eastern Europe to deter Russia

Block NATO plans to deploy in Eastern Europe for more troops and to build up its forces in the region to its highest level since the Cold war. The Alliance rejected the request of Poland on the placement of a permanent base.

Next week the defense Ministers of NATO States are planning to start development create a complex network of strongholds in Eastern Europe. The total number of personnel of the air force, Navy and special forces in the region should be 40,000 people on a rotating basis, reported Reuters news Agency.

Recently the analytical center RAND reported that the Russian army could take 36 hours in Tallinn, and NATO forces in Eastern Europe in the current format is not enough to deter Russia. Earlier the same was said by General Petr Pavel, commander of the Alliance.

Despite the planned increase in the size of the armed forces of NATO in Eastern Europe, the Alliance will not host the database on a regular basis, neither in Poland nor in the Baltic States.

Beefing up NATO forces in Eastern Europe to deter Russia 06.02.2016

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