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Before meeting with US representatives Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Mahmoud Abbas of lying

On Tuesday, June 20, in Jerusalem will meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the special representative of the President of the United States in the middle East Jason Greenblatt.

The representative of the US administration arrived in Israel the day before, and he will hold talks with the leaders of Israel and the Palestinian authority. On June 21, Israel will arrive the son of the President of trump and his closest Advisor Jared Kushner, who will also hold talks with political leaders in the region. The aim of the American administration is the resumption of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian authority.

Before the visit of U.S. officials to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the head of the PNA Mahmoud Abbas. «He says he teaches Palestinian children to the world. It’s a lie, — said the Prime Minister. – Last week the PA named a square in the name of Natalia Khaled, a Palestinian arch-terrorist who planned the massacre in MA’alot in 1974. During the attack, Palestinian terrorists killed 22 pupils and 4 adults. Naming the area in honor of the killer they teach young Palestinians to kill Israelis. It’s not called «teach the world»».

«It is not surprising that Fatah, headed by Abu Mazen, has claimed responsibility for the attack, during which was killed by Israeli police on Friday. Fatah still decorated with flags of the house of terrorists. Abu Mazen, stop poisoning the minds of young Palestinians, to educate them in the pursuit of peace, not terror», — said the head of government.

On the day of arrival in Israel, Jason Greenblatt visited the family of warrant officer of the border police (the MAGICIAN) adas Malki, died in the attack last Friday. «Violence is unacceptable and must be eradicated, he said. –

Such tragedies underscore the necessity to achieve the liberation of the region from violence and extremism, as called for President Donald trump».

Portal Walla reported, citing sources close to the Prime Minister that he intends to devote most of the meeting, the issues of cessation of payments of allowances to families of terrorists.

June 13, U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said, speaking at the session of the Senate foreign Affairs, Palestinian national authority ceased to pay benefits to the families of terrorists.

According to Tillerson, the change in this question was followed by meetings of US President Donald trump and President Mahmoud Abbas in Washington. «We were very clear on this issue and made it clear to the Palestinians that such a practice is unacceptable,’ said Tillerson. The Palestinian authority must cease to pay benefits to the families of terrorists and those convicted for violent acts against other people.» Official sources in Jerusalem denied the words of the head of the foreign Ministry of the USA, stating that the payment of benefits to family of terrorists continues.

Before meeting with US representatives Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Mahmoud Abbas of lying 20.06.2017

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