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Belgium trial begins in the case of «the Heist of the century»

On Thursday, 31 December it became known that in the case of the robbery of the plane with diamonds at the international airport of Brussels, perfect February 19, 2013, the court will 19 people (16 men and three women), reports TASS with reference to the newspaper France Soir. All suspects are currently at large, 18 of them live in Belgium.

Recall that almost two years ago, two cars, a Mercedes and an Audi A8, in which there were 8 armed criminals, breaking through the fence, drove onto the tarmac of the Brussels airport. Approaching the Swiss aircraft company (flight Brussels-Zurich), on Board which the staff of the American transport company Brink’s shipped boxes of valuables, the robbers stole several boxes in which were diamonds and gold. After that the car left the runway, passing through punched their «input» in the fence. The RAID, during which there are no single shot lasted no longer than 3 minutes. One of the cars, Mercedes, which escaped criminals, was later found burned a few kilometers from the airport. The robbery was committed so «neat» that the airport was not interrupted because of the incident. All flights except for the flight Brussels-Zurich, were sent on schedule.

The value of the stolen was valued at 37 million euros. During the investigation police were able to recover the stolen jewelry worth about €22 million, but the diamonds on another €15 million to find and failed.

Intelligence agencies of Switzerland, France and Belgium held in may 2013 operation, during which it held more than 40 searches and was arrested 31 suspect in organizing and committing high-profile robberies. Then it was made a few arrests, but later the bandits released until a court decision. The argument in favor of this was the fact that during the RAID, the perpetrators did not use weapons and no one was hurt.

Belgium trial begins in the case of «the Heist of the century» 31.12.2015

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