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Benji He: «pride parades» provoke violence. Interview

July 21 in Jerusalem hosted the 15-th «parade of pride» the community of sexual minorities. The number of participants of this gay pride parade in the capital of Israel was a record. He was a record and the number of registered offenders.

During the procession the activists of the radical right-wing organization «Lehava» held a protest rally. Some participants of this action were among those detained by the police.

In an interview with Chapter «Lehavy» Benji, He talked about how, for what purpose they held meetings, and also about his attitude to the LGBT community. The interview was started before the parade, and after it is completed.

Mr. He, you and your organization every year to spend the protests during the «pride parade» in Jerusalem. Against what you protest?

Our rallies are not aimed against homosexuals or lesbians. We don’t have anything against them, everyone in the house let him do what he wants. But we are against pride parades, which they call «pride parades». What pride? What are they proud of? We believe that such parades have no place at all, and certainly no place in Jerusalem.

We are talking about a group of people, group of people the same as you and me, who hold a protest. They have that right.

Against what are they protesting? They talk about pride. What are they proud of? We’re talking about a phenomenon that is contrary to human nature, which is contrary to all that is written in the Torah. I certainly believe that we need to help those who need it, who wants it and is willing to accept. But be proud of it, and even in public…

Stopping you is the concept of «pride»? That is, if they called it not a «pride parade», and say the protest, everything would be okay?

I interfere with the parades. It is not in the title, but in fact. Jerusalem is not just a city, it is sacred for the Jews place. To hold such a parade means to transform this city into Sodom. I never accept.

Are you concerned that your actions can have a boomerang effect? Today you get a ban on «pride parades» tomorrow the left will require to deny any longer your events.

Do you think that this is not happening today? The same people who support the «pride parades», want to ban the «March of flags» in Jerusalem.

And what does this mean?

That our actions add nothing and reduce. Those who want to prevent the Jews to hold a meeting, do so.

Then explain what the difference is between «pride parade» and «March of the flags»? Why you can and can not they?

Because the flags of Israel in the capital – is pride. The real pride. And what they call «pride» is an abomination. I repeat, they seek recognition of a normal phenomenon, which the Torah denies to the root. When you do this, do this in Jerusalem.

You protest against the pride parades in Jerusalem?

In the first place. We were going to hold a protest demonstration in Beersheba, but the parade was canceled, and our intervention was not required. In tel Aviv is always difficult to hold our shares.


First, how the parade looks there do not show normal person. In addition, there is always a huge crowd of people parade give almost the entire city, and police are severely limiting us. And parades are held there on Friday, shortly before the onset of Shabbat. Organizationally it is very difficult.

In Jerusalem the approval process easier?

This time it took a week and a half to approve the resolution.

Probably he feared clashes…

No, I could not decide which place to give us. We requested permission to hold a protest rally in Gan a-paamon.

That is exactly where begins the «parade of pride».

Yes. We wanted to hold a meeting there. But in the end we were restricted to a small area, which we took.

Demanding to hold a rally in Gan a-paamon, you are not afraid of confrontations, violence?

You know, I so often threaten violence, what if I fear, then do not do anything you can.

You misunderstood me, I asked about violence by your people against the participants.

My people violence is not used. This is us all the time spit, insult and curse.


These are the most liberal participants in the parade.

As the others react? Ordinary Jerusalemites, for example.

Many of us support and would be willing to participate in our demonstrations, but the police constantly limits the number of participants in our meetings. For example, this time we received permission for the participation of 50 people. But the day before the parade our activists began to receive administrative orders of removal from the city. Before the parade the police began to arrest our activists. Nevertheless, the rally we have held.

Some media wrote that the detainees were found on the knives.

I don’t know who we are. It is unlikely someone from our activists.

You tried to achieve cancellation of the parade by applying to the high court?

This stage has already passed. Such appeals were submitted multiple times and every time was rejected. We don’t have much money to pay court costs after the process, the results of which are well known in advance. There is no chance that our arguments or our opinion will be supported by the high Court.

In the background of all that happened at the parade, and, remembering the previous parade, do you think the security measures taken by the police justified?

Burned last year on milk, the police this time blowing on the water. The same thing happened last time: everyone was talking about our meeting, and about Slices nobody knew or heard. Now the police portrays the flurry of activity to forget all about the failure of last year. For this, there were all these flashy administrative expulsion of our activists from Jerusalem, arrests at the parade.

What do you think about the murder committed by Sisalem?

Terrible, totally unacceptable action. We need to act peacefully. Demonstrations, rallies, explanations.

Judging by recent publications, Shlisel thinks otherwise and continues even from prison to plan attacks on the parade.

As I said, the police shows activity trying to cover up the failure in the past year. I guarantee you that Shlisel more won’t kill anyone sitting in prison make it pretty difficult.

There we are talking about brother…

I think that all this hot air by the police. She loves it.

Let’s get back to the problems of sexual minorities in Israel. They put right?

What rights?

There are two people, a couple. Live together, run a household…

It’s not a couple. The pair – a man and a woman. That’s how nature works, it is written in the Torah. But tell me, if tomorrow someone starts to live with a dog, you too will call it a couple? We still are somewhat different from animals, right? No pairs here we are not talking. These people need to help, but speaking of pairs you propose to give legitimacy to this phenomenon.

That is, no rights…

They are citizens, have the right to vote, to do whatever you want, no different from me or you. But to admit them in pairs it is impossible in any case.

Rabbi Yigal Loewenstein has called gays «sexual perverts.» Do you share this point of view?

This is not the opinion of Rabbi Levinstein, it is the opinion of the Torah. There even interpret nothing, everything is recorded.

Are you concerned that your views may become the catalyst for violence?

No. Violence provoke those who hold similar parades in Jerusalem. This is outrageous and is the main catalyst of violence.

Last question. You have repeatedly detained, in 2014 against you, an investigation was initiated on suspicion of incitement. At what stage is the investigation?

I honestly don’t know and not particularly interested in. I have too much to do.

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Benji He: «pride parades» provoke violence. Interview 22.07.2016

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