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Bennett vs. Netanyahu: «He wants elections for personal interests»

On Sunday morning, March 11, Minister of education and head of the party «Bayt Yehudi» Naftali Bennett harshly criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

«This crisis has nothing to do with the call, nor the ultra-Orthodox. If the Prime Minister wants to resolve this crisis in five minutes. But apparently, someone wants this fictional crisis brought us to the election. If the Prime Minister wants elections there will be elections, but the public needs to know what we are talking about the elections without any reason», — said the Minister in an interview with radio station «Galey TSAHAL».

He added that he would support Netanyahu if he would force the country to go to early elections for personal reasons. «I have always said that I will fight for the post of Prime Minister only after the departure of Netanyahu’s policies, but if the country will be in a situation where the head of government to dissolve the Knesset and announce early elections, based only on their personal interests, everything can change,» he said.

From the «Likud» gave the answer: «At that time, as the Prime Minister tries to find a solution to the political crisis and to stabilize the right-wing government, Bennett is busy with his election campaign. If Bennett was really concerned about the fate of the coalition, it has pledged to stay in government before completion of tenure in November 2019. But what Bennett is the stabilization of the government of the national camp headed by Netanyahu. That said Bennet today, showed everyone his true intention: he wants to undermine the government, blame the Prime Minister and provide a workplace».

Soon the entourage Bennett came the reply: «Mr Prime Minister. As long as you act on behalf of the state, we will continue to support you. If you dump the right-wing government and send everyone on on useless elections, based on their personal interests, will lose our support».

Defence Minister Avigdor Liberman said, visiting the recruiting station in tel Hashomer, Naftali Bennett could use a little modesty. «I don’t even want to respond to everything that dares to tell the Minister, part of a coalition and the military-political Cabinet,» said Lieberman.

In the political system reigns almost unanimous opinion, according to which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to bring the situation to early elections. Radio «Kahn Beth» quoted the interior Minister Aryeh Deri, who said after a meeting of the heads of the ultra-Orthodox parties, Netanyahu: «We are wasting our time. Netanyahu wants the election, and he invents new terms, just to confuse the issue».

At the meeting of Ministers from the «Likud» the Prime Minister reiterated that he is interested in a stable government which will last until November 2019. «In order for this to happen, all coalition partners must agree and commit to work together,» said Netanyahu.

He prokomentiroval the possibility that on the background of differences in the law on the appeal of the party «Israel Our home» will leave the coalition. «It is clear that the coalition, based on 61 seats, can not exist. It is obvious to all. Already this morning it became obvious that even in the Likud, some MPs are beginning to impose conditions and requirements in connection with its vote. Therefore, a coalition of 61 of the mandate – it is unreal. Today we continue to try to find a compromise,» — said the Prime Minister.

11 Mar Prime Minister will meet with the heads of the other coalition parties. The most likely outcome of the political crisis currently look early elections. Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon against holding elections in June. «There are many projects to be stopped. Why all this should be sacrificed to the personal interests of one person,» — said the head of the «Bayt Yehudi».

Bennett vs. Netanyahu: «He wants elections for personal interests» 11.03.2018

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