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«Big news for small businesses». The text of the statement by Netanyahu

Sunday, December 27, at the government meeting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated: «Today we have big news for small businesses. I like the economy Minister and my colleague the Minister of Finance submitted to the government a draft program, which will bring considerable relief to new entrepreneurs during the first three years since the inception of the business.»

«Small businesses are bent under the burden of bureaucracy, countless instructions, taxes and various restrictions. We’re going to free them from much of this burden to give them the possibility of growth. Small businesses – a huge engine of growth, positively affecting employment and contributing to the development of our economy, so this step is vital and innovative and, in my opinion, economically correct,» said the head of government.

«Today we have the Minister (of economy) It will submit another proposal aimed at reducing the cost of living. This proposal calls for reducing the cost of public transport by 17%, and, of course, reduce water tariffs, which is a social step of paramount importance,» added Netanyahu.

«Big news for small businesses». The text of the statement by Netanyahu 27.12.2015

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