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Bild: Germany bite on Putin’s fake news about Syria

The German government officially declared war on the fake news of Russia – about, as they were called earlier. More recently, many projects are looking for fake news, and refute them in the media, write Philip Pyatov and Julian turnip on the pages of the German Bild.

However, the German government acts the opposite way, say the authors. «Instead of an offensive campaign against Russian lies and distortions of the facts of German politics and media, on the contrary, are increasingly promoting fake news from Russia and adapt them to their positions, the article says. – The recent gas attack on civilians in Syria, which killed at least 91 people, is an example. This trend causes a lot of fear».

In Syria, 4 April 2017 was probably the biggest gas attack for the last four years: according to the same testimony of a large number of eyewitnesses, the early morning military aircraft of the regime of President Assad attacked the city of Khan Sheyhun, leaving dozens of men, women and children died in the dream. The picture shows the funnel from falling bomb on one of the streets of the city. The next day, the head of the German foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said at a conference on Syria that «gas attack in Syria is a barbaric war crime,» and called to «bring to justice all those involved in the government of Assad.» Gabriel added that Russia as an ally of Assad bears «special responsibility.»

«But the next day something happened that in recent years always happened when Russia or its military allies accused of war crimes: the Kremlin presented an alternative version of events,» write the journalists. According to the statement of the Russian defense Ministry, in that day between 11:30 to 12:30 Syrian time, «Assad air force attacked a major ammunition depots and weapons of terrorists, which was located in the Eastern part of Khan Sheyhun». On site, it was said later, «were the production of explosives with toxic substances, after which the ammunition was shipped to Iraq.» In short, the deaths of Syrian citizens from suffocation to blame the rebels, not Assad. But this version has under itself no bases, the authors write.

In particular, there is no evidence that the rebels had access to Zarin, and even in such quantities. Russia has not presented any evidence of the existence of the destroyed warehouse with chemical weapons. Moreover, the next day, the journalist of the British newspaper Guardian on the spot proved that the warehouse did not exist, the article says. Also does not match the specified Russia time attack: Bild has provided photos from the scene an hour before the specified time Russia. It is impossible from the point of view of geography and the fact that the chemical weapons of the rebels were supplied to Iraq – to do this the rebels would have to cross territory controlled by Assad. Besides, April 19 employee of the Ministry of defense of Israel stated that Assad continues to stay up to three tons of chemical weapons.

«Thus, the Russian version was a forgery, common to confuse the facts of the gas attack and defend Assad. But the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Gabriel this false version, apparently, has worked,» commented the authors. In the second half of the day, Gabriel said: «While we don’t know who is responsible for the recent gas attack. We need to investigate it.» In fact, says Bild, it was the «words of support from major German diplomat to the Kremlin fake news».

In the following days, Russia and then Iran demanded an «independent investigation» of the incident – but without giving the UN inspectors on chemical weapons access and security guarantees in Khan Sheyhun on the territory of the rebels. In other words, it was only the appearance of the claims in order to delay the investigation. After the gas attack in August 2013, which killed 1.4 thousand people, a similar investigation by the UN had been initiated, but the perpetrators of it are definitely not called before then, the newspaper notes.

«Meanwhile gas attack in April 2017 is not the only case when the Russian fake news fall on fertile ground in the German media,» the authors note. Cases from the recent past confirm that a certain part of the German government give in to Russian propaganda. One of them is the crash of a passenger airliner with 298 people on Board in the skies over Eastern Ukraine on 17 July 2014. While Russia also launched a campaign of false news, the purpose of which was to spread so many conspiracy theories that in the end no one was able to figure out who to blame for the destruction of flight MH-17.

Bild: Germany bite on Putin’s fake news about Syria 21.04.2017

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