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Bild: Refugee massacre in Hamburg, sympathized with ISIS

Refugee, attacked with a knife people in Hamburg, Germany, sympathized with the «Islamic state», reports the German tabloid Bild. The attack was one person killed, seven were wounded.

Investigators, as stated in the article, found in the cupboard of his room in a hostel for refugees flag of ISIS size 10×15 cm, fixed to the inner side of the door. Moreover, the incident «fits the concept that the IG aggressively promoted on the Internet and messengers, namely, calls on supporters to attack the infidels and to «settle accounts» with them using «primitive» tools like knives.»

Found the flag of ISIS, in turn, brings to the first version that «the attack was a terrorist attack, not the actions of a mentally abnormal person.» Especially that 26-year-old Ahmed A. he called himself a «terrorist» at the police station.

The Palestinians, who after being denied asylum were threatened with deportation, last Friday attacked the people in the supermarket of Hamburg, armed with a 20-centimetre kitchen knife which he pulled from the package. Previously, he was already known to German authorities as an Islamist, but classified as not dangerous, Bild adds.

Bild: Refugee massacre in Hamburg, sympathized with ISIS 02.08.2017

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