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Bild: some of the refugees in Germany have a false passport made in Raqqah

Security service of Germany believe that their country is hiding more than ten refugees from the Middle East, whose fake passports were made in raqqa in the same workshop IG, where «sort» the documents of the organizers of the Paris terrorist attacks.

Writes about this on Tuesday, 22nd December, leading German newspaper Bild.

The whereabouts of criminals to the authorities is not yet known, because when entering the country they didn’t take fingerprints. Bild reports that criminals were ispolzovali original passport by changing the names of the owners.

Earlier this week it became known that the militants IG has collected tens of thousands of these passports are sold on the black market at the price from 1000 to 1500 dollars and can be used by extremists to enter the territory of the European Union, informs «the Russian newspaper».

The article States that refugees who are hiding from the register, the state social assistance and hope to survive using the work «black» or other criminal action, which is a serious problem for the country.»

Recall that last week German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke at the Congress of the ruling Christian democratic party in Karlsruhe, Federal land Baden-württemberg, and during his speech promised the party members significantly limit the number of migrants entering Germany. This speech was met with thunderous applause, transformed into an eight-minute standing ovation.

The statement was made amid concerns the German society of the fact that the number of refugees who reached the borders of Germany this year, close to a million.

Merkel was named the U.S. Time magazine «Person of the year -2015» for «an adequate response to the migration crisis». In an accompanying article it was noted that the courage and determination of the Chancellor help to keep Europe open and transparent against the background of economic problems and the migration crisis. However, domestically, Merkel is facing increasingly stiff opposition, dissatisfied with such a warm reception of the crowds of refugees, and its position on the domestic political scene begins to deteriorate.

As previously reported, the German authorities expect that in 2015 the country will arrive about one and a half million migrants, which is almost twice times higher than previously estimated number of 800 thousand refugees.

Bild: some of the refugees in Germany have a false passport made in Raqqah 22.12.2015

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