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Bill Cosby accused of sexual crimes

Wednesday, December 30, the Pennsylvania court has charged 78-year-old Hollywood producer bill Cosby allegations of sexual crimes. The accusation was based on testimony from 32-year-old Andrea Constand, who claims that Cosby raped her previously opov drugs in his house, which is located in the Northern suburbs of Philadelphia, writes The New York Times.

According to the investigation, Cosby, who called himself «mentor» and «friend» of the former women’s basketball player Andrea Constand, in early 2004, he invited her to his home in Cheltenham and gave her a drink of wine, which slipped into a narcotic drug and then raped the woman, who could not resist.

Apparently, as part of the trial will be considered and other similar claims against Cosby. Them for the last two years were about 40. Some of the plaintiffs against Cosby filed counterclaims, claiming that they slandered him for the purpose of financial gain.

U.S. law enforcement authorities issued a warrant for the arrest of bill Cosby. The Prosecutor of Montgomery County Kevin Steele said in this regard: «a Prosecutor’s Job is to follow the clues wherever they led, and to tell the truth. After checking all the available data we believe necessary to achieve justice on behalf of victims.»

According to the Prosecutor, the investigators have no doubt that Cosby tried twice to get the Constand in the bed, then gave her wine and drugs, bringing to the state in which she was unable to resist his harassment.

Cosby issued a statement after seven of his prosecutors appealed to the court for redress of his actions. Cosby has repeatedly denied the charges against him, filed by the Actresses, waitresses, «girls Playboy», journalists and writers. Their stories are remarkably similar one to another: Cosby seduced them, was spiked with drugs and then raped.

Recall that in December last year, supermodel Beverly Johnson in the publication for the magazine Vanity Fair, openly accused bill Cosby that, in 80-e years at home, he dosed her coffee with a drug to make her «God knows what». Johnson became the fifteenth woman, who put forward such accusations against Cosby.

According to the model, in the early 80s she was invited to participate in «the Cosby Show» and bill asked her to come to his house «to listen». He offered her a cappuccino from the machine that stood in his house. After drinking this beverage, Beverly felt dizzy, and her speech became slurred. «The room started to spin around me,» she recalls the events of 30 years ago. At this point, Cosby approached her – as if he were going to play with it theatrical scene, and put an arm around his waist. However, Johnson was not according to her raped: she claims that she lost control and began swearing obscenely, then Cosby got angry, put her in a taxi and sent home.

Bill Cosby is an American film Director, producer, writer, musician and political activist, as well as the most popular black tele in the USA, known for its major role in the legendary sitcom «the Cosby Show». The role of the head of a wealthy American family brought Cosby glory «chief Pope of America»: millions of Americans saw him as a model of integrity. However, the reputation of the actor has substantially suffered after a half dozen women at almost the same time accused him of sexual abuse.

One of the possible victims of Cosby, screenwriter Joan of Tarsi, told The Atlantic that in 1969 when she was 19 years old, the actor invited her to his home to work on the monologue. Tarsi claims that bill Cosby gave her a drink with sleeping pills and raped.

«He said he would like to work on a monologue together. We went to his cottage after the shooting. There it was. He gave me something to drink «bloody Mary», after which I lost consciousness. When I woke up – I got naked on the couch. He was holding me. I couldn’t resist», – shared her experiences of Joan Tarshi.

Almost a similar incident occurred with model Janice Dickinson. During an interview for Entertainment Tonight 59-year-old woman said that in 1982, the comedian gave her a drink analgesic tablet, after which she lost consciousness. Before Dickinson was disconnected, the comedian raped her.

«Memories of the rape and unresolved personal problems forced me to live a life of misery,» claimed the model during the communication with the program host Kevin Frazier.

The same charges against bill Cosby nominated actress Barbara Bowman, upon learning that was not the only victim of the actor. In an interview with The Daily Mail, Barbara said that the comedian raped her when she was just 17. The girl turned for help to a lawyer in 1989, but he refused to do such a thing, not believing her.

The words battered women also indirectly confirmed by the testimony of a former employee of NBC, Frank Scotti. In an interview with the Daily News, Scotti said that in 1989-1990 actor bill Cosby regularly paid money to the woman, presumably, was in a sexual relationship. According to Scotty, at the request of Cosby he arranged monthly payments to eight women. Some of them received two thousand dollars a month. One woman, Shawn Thompson, Cosby received a total of one hundred thousand dollars.

Amid the scandal of American media companies has terminated its relationship with Cosby: NBC froze the transmission project with the actor, and Netflix has cancelled the demonstration program, prepared for the 77 anniversary of the Cosby. Direct evidence against the comedian no. We can assume that all of these women agreed, but they have a very similar history, which, if you take their words on faith, has been for decades.

Bill Cosby accused of sexual crimes 31.12.2015

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