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Bill Cosby filed a countersuit against the woman who accused him of rape

78-year-old American comedic actor, Director and producer bill Cosby has filed a counter claim against 32-year-old Templestowe University employee Andrea Constand, who accused him of rape. Cosby’s lawyers told the media that the lawsuit was also filed against the mother and the lawyer of the Constand.

The content of the claim will not be published.

Recall that in early January, the district attorney of Los Angeles County Jackie Lacey refused to show the bill Cosby allegations of sexual crimes committed in 1965 and 2008. According to the Prosecutor, in the first case, the indictment due to the expiration of the limitation period of the crime. As for the incident that occurred in 2008, Lacey believes that the presentation of the Cosby accusations the Prosecutor’s office has enough evidence.

Woman who accused Cosby of rape, which occurred in 1965, at the time was 17 years old. The second woman at the time of the alleged rape, which, according to her, happened in 2008 was 18. Both claim that the actor previously gave them to drink alcohol.

The district attorney of Los Angeles issued its decision a week later after similar allegations filed a bill Cosby court of Pennsylvania. The accusation was based on testimony were Andrea Constand, who claims that Cosby raped her previously opov drugs in his house, which is located in the Northern suburbs of Philadelphia. According to the investigation, Cosby, who called himself «mentor» and «friend» of the former women’s basketball player Andrea Constand, in early 2004, he invited her to his home in Cheltenham and gave her a drink of wine, which slipped into a narcotic drug and then raped the woman, who could not resist.

Over the past few years against Cosby was made about 40 such lawsuits. Cosby has repeatedly denied the charges against him, filed by the Actresses, waitresses, «girls Playboy», journalists and writers. Their stories are remarkably similar one to another: Cosby seduced them, was spiked with drugs and then raped. Recall that in December last year, supermodel Beverly Johnson in the publication for the magazine Vanity Fair, openly accused bill Cosby that, in 80-e years at home, he dosed her coffee with a drug to make her «God knows what». Johnson became the fifteenth woman, who put forward such accusations against Cosby.

Bill Cosby is an American film Director, producer, writer, musician and political activist, as well as the most popular black tele in the USA, known for its major role in the legendary sitcom «the Cosby Show». The role of the head of a wealthy American family brought Cosby glory «chief Pope of America»: millions of Americans saw him as a model of integrity. However, the reputation of the actor has substantially suffered after a half dozen women at almost the same time accused him of sexual abuse.

The words battered women also indirectly confirmed by the testimony of a former employee of NBC, Frank Scotti. In an interview with the Daily News, Scotti said that in 1989-1990 actor bill Cosby regularly paid money to the woman, presumably, was in a sexual relationship. According to Scotty, at the request of Cosby he arranged monthly payments to eight women. Some of them received two thousand dollars a month. One woman, Shawn Thompson, Cosby received a total of one hundred thousand dollars.

Amid the scandal of American media companies has terminated its relationship with Cosby: NBC froze the transmission project with the actor, and Netflix has cancelled the demonstration program, prepared for the 77 anniversary of the Cosby. Direct evidence against the comedian no. We can assume that all of these women agreed, but they have a very similar history, which, if you take their words on faith, has been for decades.

Bill Cosby filed a countersuit against the woman who accused him of rape 18.02.2016

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