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«Black house» on Airbnb: the owner was sentenced to a suspended prison term

64-year-old Jean Hendy from the British city of Plymouth, Devon, which was taking swuoi three-storey house for rent through the popular website Airbnb, was in the role of defendant. The court acknowledged that it showed an unacceptable negligence in respect of the clients, and her house was called the hearings «a black spot».

About it writes on Wednesday, July 26, the British tabloid The Daily Mail.

The investigation revealed that handy ignored a number of requirements of local legislation to those who leases property to rent: the tiles are made of polystyrene gave off toxic fumes, and the fire extinguishers have not been tested since 2002. In addition, the building did not have emergency lighting, door locks didn’t lock and the storage of bedding or combustible materials in one place is an inadmissible violation.

The verdict stated that all these deficiencies collectively represented a very serious threat to the lives of those people who rented a house gin handy. The defendant was sentenced to conditional imprisonment for six months and pay a fine in the amount of 5.580 pounds and 115 pounds in compensation to one of his «victims».

Attorney Nick Lewin, who represented at that hearing, the interests of the defendant, told the court that his client was forced to sell the house, losing on this 45.000 pounds.

«Black house» on Airbnb: the owner was sentenced to a suspended prison term

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