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«Bloody Barbie»: a serial killer working in the religious school volunteer

Karla Homolka, which was in 1993, found guilty of murdering two Schoolgirls and is also involved in the murder of her younger sister and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, and operates as a volunteer in a private religious school Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, located in the vicinity of Montreal, province of Quebec.

About it writes on Thursday, June 1, the canadian edition of CityNews with reference to the management of the school.

The publication cites the names of the victims of a serial killer: Kristen French, Leslie Mahaffey, and Tammy Homolka.

A channel Breakfast Television Montreal claims that Homolka also regularly appears in school for children Greaves Adventist Academy, parents and students have repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with this circumstance.

The article notes that, according to the laws of the country, people are in regular contact with children must provide proof they have no criminal record.

Homolka was released from prison in 2005. Today she lives in Quebec with her husband, brother of her lawyer Thierry Bordelesa, and the son born from this marriage.

Karla Homolka was born in a large family in 1970 and was the eldest of three sisters. In October 1987, Carl became acquainted with Paul Bernardo, who became her first husband and partner in crime.

Paul regularly humiliated his bride and taught the girl that she should «pay» for a premature loss of virginity and innocence of her younger sister Tammy. December 24, 1990, Karla slipped the 15-year-old girl’s drug, stolen from the veterinary clinic where she was working.

Drugged Tammy fainted, while Karl was shot on video, as Paul raped her sister. Then she participated in the rape of a girl who choked on her own vomit and died.

June 15, 1991 Bernardo abducted a girl, Leslie Mahaffey. During the day the girl was held hostage in the house of the attacker, where Paul and Karla repeatedly raped the victim. Their actions were filmed, then killed the victim.

The criminals corpse was taken to the basement where Paul had cut it with a circular saw, filled with fragments of cement and dumped in lake Gibson. The remains of the girl was found by locals.

Two weeks after the murder, Mahaffey Carl and Paul were married, and in 1992, the couple together, kidnapped Kristen French. We parked the car to the girl standing near the Church, the attackers pretended that you can not find the way, and then, threatening with a knife, dragged her into a car and brought to port Dalhousie, where for three days tortured, beat and raped the girl.

In 1993 Karl was sentenced to 12 years in prison. The relatively light sentence was handed down because Homolka agreed to cooperate with the investigation and testified against her husband.

Paul Bernardo was sentenced to life term imprisonment with the right of parole after 25 years. In prison he wrote a novel about the war called «Mad world order» in which he described how Russia «rising from its knees» and becomes a superpower.

Some time a thick book, 600 + pages sold by Amazon, but then the scandal broke, and the literary creation of the maniac withdrew from sales, writes news site

In addition to Kristen and Leslie, wife raped two other girls, but they managed to survive.

The story of Carla Homolka and her husband, who was nicknamed «Bloody Barbie and Ken» were used in the movie. In 2006, in Hollywood for the film «Karla», tells of a couple of maniacs.

«Bloody Barbie»: a serial killer working in the religious school volunteer

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