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Bloomberg: Iran and Hezbollah seek to reconcile Assad and Hamas

Iran, with the assistance of Hizbullah, is actively working on the process of «reconciliation» Syria and Hamas, hoping that, if successful, such an Alliance would strengthen Iranian influence in the region and will help to resist Israel and the Arab countries allies of the United States.

For a long time Hamas was closely connected with Syria and relied on Damascus in its fight against the «Zionist enemy», wrote on Saturday, September 23, Bloomberg. Even after 2007, marked the seizure of power in Gaza, Hamas was still closely associated with Damascus, positioning itself as an integral part of the «axis of resistance» along with Iran and Hizbullah. However, once in Syria, civil war broke out, Hamas broke with President Assad by supporting the rebels, most of whom are Sunni Muslims.

At the same time, Iran was a strong supporter of Assad, to invest billions of dollars in Syria’s economy and guide to the country of their fighters. Hezbollah sent to Syria thousands of fighters, seeking to strengthen the power of Assad. During this period, Hamas and Iran do not fully severed their ties, but their relationship has noticeably cooled. Seriously reduced the funding Tehran of Hamas’s military wing.

However, since then, Hamas in Gaza, headed by Yahya Sanwar, the military wing of Hamas took a course on the restoration of relations with the Iranian leadership. In August of this year, a senior Hamas delegation visited Tehran and took part in the inauguration of President Hassan Rouhani.

According to the Palestinian official in Beirut, also this year, officials Hamas has held three meetings with the leader of «Hezbollah» Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah. Iran illustrated the «warming» of relations increase funding of Hamas: in August Sanwar said that Iran is currently the largest financial and military sponsor of a military wing of the organization. He stressed that with Iranian assistance, «the Palestinian resistance accumulates strength to fight for the liberation of Palestine.»

Iran intends to put an end to the discord between its two allies, Assad and Hamas. Lebanese politician close to Syrian government, confirmed on condition of anonymity that Iran and Hizbullah continues, but is still at an early stage.

It is the same (and on the same terms) and said the Palestinian official noted that Syria serves «positive signals».

However, Syrian officials informed the intermediaries that they are open to reconciliation, but will not allow Hamas to open an office in Damascus. Bloomberg reporting this refers to the Palestinian journalist Abdallah Bari of atuana.

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Bloomberg: Iran and Hezbollah seek to reconcile Assad and Hamas 23.09.2017

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