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Bloomberg: Iran withdraws troops from Syria because of the high losses

Iran displays elite warfighters Korpusu Islamic revolutionary guards from the zone of military action in Syria because of too high losses, reported Bloomberg news Agency.

Bloomberg cites data from the American and Western military sources. On this information, having lost many fighters and IRGC commanders, including generals in the battles in Syria, Iran has decided to reduce direct part in hostilities.

In October, U.S. sources cited data according to which, in Syria, from two to seven thousand Iranian guards. Recently, more than 700 Iranians fighting on the side of Syrian government troops, while others were withdrawn from the country.

We will remind, recently the Iranian opposition said that under the city was very badly wounded, major-General Qasem Soleimani, the commander of the unit «El-Quds», one of the leaders of the fighting in Syria.

In addition, it was reported that the morale of Iranian soldiers undermined by high losses, and several generals refused to fight in Syria, and was brought before the Tribunal.

Bloomberg: Iran withdraws troops from Syria because of the high losses 11.12.2015

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