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Bloomberg: Kurds warn Turkey about the «big war» with Russia

Henry Meyer, Stepan Kravchenko

Russia has promised to protect Kurdish rebels in Syria in the event of a ground offensive, Turkey — a step that could lead to a «big war», as stated by the envoy of Syrian group in Moscow in an interview on Wednesday, reports Bloomberg.

«We take this threat seriously, because the ruling party in Turkey is the party of war, said Rodi Osman, the head of the newly opened mission of the Syrian Kurds in Moscow. — Russia will react, if there will be an invasion. This applies not only to the Kurds, it will protect the territorial sovereignty of Syria.»

Opposing interests in Syria have created a dangerous new phase in the five-year war in the country, noted the authors Henry Meyer and Stepan Kravchenko. «Turkey fears that the gains of the Kurds along its border will turn into an Autonomous state and Institute a similar ambitions among its own Kurdish minority. However, a ground invasion creates a risk of conflict with Russia, which is supporting the Kurds militarily, and infuriate the US, which considers the grouping an important ally in the fight against «Islamic state», — noted journalists.

«We continue to liberate our territory, and it would go faster if it were not for Turkey,» said Osman. Russian military aircraft are supporting the Kurdish offensive, which aims to keep full control over the Turkish border, while Russia also promised to support claim of Syrian Kurds on the Federal status, he said.

Russia says it has Syrian Kurds with military assistance, and Nikolai Kovalev, the former head of the FSB, said that Russian planes will bomb Turkish troops if they enter in Syria, the article says.

Syrian Kurds are trying to create an Autonomous region in Northern Syria, uniting the two areas separated by about 100 km, controlled by the Islamists, according to independent Russian military analyst Anton Lavrov.

«This is a dream of the Syrian Kurds and the worst nightmare of the Turks», — said Lavrov.

Bloomberg: Kurds warn Turkey about the «big war» with Russia 19.02.2016

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