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Body Tite: All you need to know men

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Every woman wants to see next to a slender, toned man, with no signs of the immense fascination with beer in honor of the countless football matches. However, the reasons for the extra pounds, flabby belly and shapeless thighs can be many, and it’s not them. And how to rectify the situation.

This can be important, and a married man and in search of their halves. Oh, Yes, women are tactful, and do not always indicate a defect. But in this case, it is important to carefully and critically to look at yourself in the mirror. And if diets aren’t effective enough, and going to the gym is not always time, there’s a way out.

Israeli medical technology development Body Tite to correct male figure and to get rid of excess fat on the abdomen, buttocks, Breasts, upper arms and legs, and double chin quickly, and most importantly – forever, leaves all the sighs, systems and experiences behind. Only 1 session can share your life with a dull, shapeless and gray «to» – bright, full of beautiful experiences and joyful.

The effect of one procedure:

-excess fat is removed;

-body looks more fit;

the skin flattens out and becomes more resilient;

-the figure becomes younger and slimmer;

within a few weeks the effect is amplified and stabiliziruemost;

-the effect does not depend on diets or physical exercises.

How it works

Camera Body Tite affects pre-defined areas of radio frequency signals that literally melt the fat removed from the body through assistive devices. The skin on the affected area is also exposed to radio waves, and at the end of the procedure looks taut, young and fresh. It is important to note that for each problem area of the body the procedure is done only once, in most cases in this place this problem no longer occurs never. This is the most important and main difference between treatments with Body Tite from other aesthetic and cosmetic procedures for the correction of this section.

Doctor’s recommendation

In the world of modern technology even the most equipped with a high-speed car will not come to the first race without a professional driver. And the result of the procedure through Body Tite depends on the professionalism and skills of the doctor.

In Israel, Body Tite is Dr. Anne Gurevich is a graduate of tel Aviv University, a surgeon with years of experience, international consultant, instructor, company INVASIX technology Body Tite in aesthetic medicine:

«Body Tite is an innovation in aesthetic medicine that allows you to solve many of the problems of women and men aged 18 to 80, which are important for their appearance. Within a few hours, without changing the usual lifestyle, you get the result, which he dreamed for a long time. Another advantage of Body Tite is that the tissue forming collagen, as a result of this procedure begin to produce collagen, similar to that produced at a young age, resulting in skin tightening and elimination of visible defects in it».

Thus, it is safe to note that Body Tite today is the most effective and rapid method of correction of various body parts and rejuvenate the skin.

For more information and set up an appointment with Dr. call: 050-336-1999 or use our contact form.

The Russian page of the Clinic, Dr. Anne Gurevich – now on Facebook!

Body Tite: All you need to know men

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