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Body Tite and «ordinary miracle» Dr. Anne Gurevich

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In the center of tel Aviv, in a cozy office, clinic of aesthetic medicine Dr. Anne Gurevich. Many of her patients believe that it works miracles because it’s hard to believe such a quick and effective method that Dr. Gurevich has been successfully practicing for nine years.

The main result be the smiles of thousands of men and women, which again was nice to see my body.

Apply Dr. Anne Gurevich methods is radio frequency liposuction Body Tite device, successfully combining a cosmetic procedure with the efficiency of plastic surgery. It easily allows you to get rid of excess weight, eliminating the excess fat of the body. Applicable this technique and to hard-to-reach areas of the body, and its uniqueness lies in the fact that in this way the skin is tightened, retaining its elasticity and flexibility.

Among the main advantages of this method is high efficiency and short rehabilitation period in comparison with other similar procedures.

Dr. Gurevich says that in one procedure you can remove from the body up to five or six litres of fat with a minimal amount of edema, which quickly pass.

Away the saggy belly and arms, which often afflict patients after significant weight loss. And the process of tightening is not completed during the operation and continues for several months after the procedure – due to the appearance of new collagen in the body, produced as a result of working with the subcutaneous layer. Recall that collagen is a protein constituting the connective tissues of the body, provides strength and elasticity.

The effect of one procedure:

• excess fat is removed;
• body looks more fit;
• skin flattens out and becomes more resilient;
• the figure becomes younger and slimmer;
• for several weeks the effect is amplified and stabiliziruemost;
• the effect does not depend on any diets, nor exercise

The time of the radio-frequency liposuction and lifting Body Tite varies from one hour to one and a half, the first results are visible immediately after the procedure, and the effect is amplified in the coming months. Now we can safely say that the door of the clinic Anne Gurevich patients waiting for a new life, in which you can be proud of the perfection of his body and hands.

For more information and set up an appointment with Dr. Anne Gurevich call 050-336-1999 or use our contact form.

The Russian page of Dr. Anne Gurevich on the social network Facebook.

Body Tite and «ordinary miracle» Dr. Anne Gurevich 26.07.2017

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