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Body Tite: get rid of the «ears on the hips» – once and for all

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«The ears on the hips», «breeches», «saddle bags» – as called aesthetic defect of the female figure, in which the sides are formed of massive body fat. And it’s not just about women who are overweight – very often «breeches» occurs even in lean women.

You can find a lot of tips for getting rid of this defect with the help of physical exercises, wraps, diets, etc., but all this, together and separately, usually does not bring significant results and you have to choose clothes that hide the hips. Basically, it’s a skirt extending from the waist, the pants – it is a problem, but about a fitted hem, this women recommended to forget.

The remaining end clothing options in the form of flared skirts and wide-legged pants require high heel shoes flat shoes they just do not match and look like a woman completely devoid of a sense of style. And all the time walking in heels may not every. It is quite another thing hipsters with them and ballet flats, and boots, and boots, and trendy athletic shoes on a flat sole or low heels looks great.

What should I do? – you will ask. The answer to this question was given by Israeli-canadian company that has developed a unique method of Body Tite , with which the problems of excess body fat on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, upper arms, etc. are eliminated in just one session with prodoljitelnost about an hour.

This microsurgical procedure allows to achieve the effect of complete plastic surgery, however the cost is significantly lower. Achieved the same results persist for many years, and in many cases the problem is solved once and for all. Because during the procedure the fat cells are destroyed and eliminated from the body, this area of the body further formation of fat is impossible.

The effect of one procedure:

• excess fat is removed;
• body looks more fit;
• skin flattens out and becomes more resilient;
• the figure becomes younger and slimmer;
• for several weeks the effect is amplified and stabiliziruemost;
• the effect does not depend on any diets, nor exercise

In the clinic of Dr. Anne Gurevich — surgeon with many years of experience in hospitals of Israel, the only instructor of the international class of the company Invasix – developer of a unique apparatus Body Tite – similar procedures are carried out almost daily.

If you want to get rid of the ugly mounds of fat on the hips, to regain the harmony, self-confidence, sexuality and the ability to wear any tight clothes, sign up for a consultation and find out what effect you can achieve in your case.
For more information, call 050-336-1999 or use our contact form.

The clinic is located in tel Aviv

Examples of «before» and «after» here

The Russian page of the clinic, Dr. Anne Gurevich on the social network Facebook

Body Tite: get rid of the «ears on the hips» – once and for all 23.10.2017

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