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Body Tite: getting rid of excess fat on the abdomen and arms once and for all

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Summer is coming, and now is the time to do their body to the open season dresses, short skirts and swimwear to look perfect. Many of you dream about it, but as you know, in many cases, even the hard training and hard diet not able to cope with the problem of excess fat and sagging skin in problem areas of the body: the abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, arms, etc. This issue affects both women and men who want to stay fit and look young and fresh.

Through research and latest technologies in the field of body shaping and body design was created the device Body Tite, which without a doubt can be called product # 1 in cases when we are talking about getting rid of body fat and saggy skin. Moreover, almost immediately after the procedure you can return to normal life, but much postroynevshaya still in a good mood.

Swollen waist and hanging belly is one of the most common problems indicated for correction by the apparatus Body Tite. Getting rid of it is a real delight for those who suffered from this aesthetic defect for years, hiding and disguising it as soon as possible.

The effect of one procedure:

• excess fat is removed;

• body looks more fit;

• skin flattens out and becomes more resilient;

• the figure becomes younger and slimmer;

• for several weeks the effect is amplified and stabiliziruemost;

• the effect does not depend on diets or physical exercises.

Excess fat and loose sagging skin of the upper arm is another most common problem that causes a lot of problems, especially in the warm season. However, it is on this part of the Body Tite procedure shows the best results, since we are talking about only one procedure, after which you immediately go back to normal life, but with delicate hands. This is the most important and main difference between treatments with Body Tite from any other cosmetic and plastic procedures of correction this site. Another important factor is the lack of need for General anesthesia – the procedure is performed using only local anesthesia.

The effect of one procedure:

• excess fat is removed;

• volumes are significantly reduced;

• the natural form of the upper arm is returned;

• the skin is tightened and becomes more elastic;

• for several weeks the effect is amplified and stabiliziruemost.

In Israel, the procedure based on the apparatus Body Tite holds Dr. Anne Gurevich – the only one in Israel, the instructor of the international class of the company INVASIX – developer of the method — and one of the few surgeons in the world with experience of conducting thousands of such procedures.

Only to 30.4.17 – when ordering, order the correction procedure of the abdomen or forearms – more Fractora procedure that eliminates the need to «podelyatsya» and visit beauticians for several years. (the value of the gift treatments Fractora – 5,500 NIS!)

For more information and set up an appointment with Dr. Anne Gurevich call 050-336-1999 or use our contact form: Abdomen, Forearms.

Russian-speaking page for Dr. Anne Gurevich on Facebook .

Body Tite: getting rid of excess fat on the abdomen and arms once and for all 19.04.2017

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