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Boy injured in fire in be’er Sheva, tried to save two-year old sister

After a fire in the apartment of a large family in Beersheba MADA paramedics said the boy, who was not yet four years old, tried to save myself and to save from the fire his two year old sister. Although save the girl he failed, and he is in critical condition in the hospital, the paramedics praised his courage.

According to paramedics, the boy has built a barricade out of its crib and the cradle. Hugged her sister, he was huddled between the beds and a wardrobe.

According to paramedics, the brave boy did not have enough knowledge about how to behave during a fire.

Paramedics are reminded that during fires often die not from fire or collapsed structures, and from the smoke. Sometimes only two or three breaths to faint. Therefore, they suggest that if the outlet from the burning building cut off by fire, it is necessary to choose the least smoke-filled room, close the door and cover the crack under it. Then you should open the window. If possible, it should be waving any bright material that firefighters were able to see through the haze of smoke.

Also, the service MADA recommends that the tenants of old apartment buildings to purchase smoke detectors and install them in each apartment.

Boy injured in fire in be’er Sheva, tried to save two-year old sister 27.03.2018

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