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Brigadier General Tomer Bar: Iranian UAVs have spent over Israel in just fifteen minutes

The head of staff of the Israeli air force, Brigadier General Tomer Bar, said that Iranian-made UAVs launched into Israel from Syria, held over Israeli territory not more than one and a half minutes, after which he was shot down, according to broadcaster «Sieves».

Bar emphasized that this is the first time that Iranian drone crossed the Israeli border, but the UAV passed over Israeli territory so little time, I did not manage to cause any damage.

However, as noted by RIA Novosti, according to the Tomer Bar, so powerful strikes like those that were inflicted on anti-missile batteries Syrians today, Israeli pilots were last struck in 1982, during the campaign in Lebanon against the Palestinian armed groups.

«This is the biggest attack on the Syrian air defense system from the time of the operation «Peace for Galilee». The broad offensive in difficult conditions,» said Bar.

He also confirmed that the rocket fired toward an Israeli aircraft was a Syrian. However, it is not clear if she’s in the F-16. According to the Bar, the pilots were not informed that was shot down, but acted in accordance with the instructions, commands to eject. Since 1983, this is the first time when the Israeli aircraft shot down by the enemy.

«The plane is not «iron dome», he always risks. While we do not know if the missile in the plane,» said Tomer Bar, noting that currently the army finds out exactly what happened in the air.

As previously reported, the pilots ejected, one of them is wounded easily, the other was seriously injured. His condition remains serious but stable. The second pilot, as expected, tomorrow morning will be discharged from the hospital.

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Brigadier General Tomer Bar: Iranian UAVs have spent over Israel in just fifteen minutes 10.02.2018

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