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British air force attacked a former Palace of Saddam Hussein

The RAF struck at one of the palaces of the former dictator of Iraq Saddam Hussein. The residence, located on the banks of the Tigris near Mosul, was used as a command center and training base of the «Islamic state».

As reported, the bombing was carried out by two Tornado aircraft based at the air base of Akrotiri in Cyprus. Each of them carried a 2,000-pound laser-guided bombs. Munition mass exceeds 900 kg, is the most powerful of conventional weapons in the Arsenal of the Royal air force.

The attack was part of a coordinated attack of the Western coalition on one of the key centers of terrorist infrastructure in Northern Iraq. The coalition command reported that all targets were hit.

«»Islamic state» for several months, losing territory and supporters. The bombing is intended to demonstrate that we will not give up their goals,» said British defense Secretary Michael Fallon.

Mosul, which is called the Northern capital of Iraq, was captured by jihadists in 2014. His release is the main goal of the campaign in 2016. It is assumed that the battles will involve the Iraqi army, Kurdish and Shiite militias, as well as parts of special forces of the United States and Iran.

British air force attacked a former Palace of Saddam Hussein 03.08.2016

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