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British Minister studied Hebrew with taxpayer money – for sale-Israelite

Since the coming to power of the head of the conservative party David Cameron, the MPs of the British Parliament spent on the study of foreign languages in total 19.300 pounds (13.814$) – from the pocket of taxpayers.

About it writes on Thursday, 24 December, British newspaper Ehre.

The list of languages studied during this period by the British legislators, is very wide – from French and Spanish to Chinese (Mandarin), which was mastered by the ex-Minister of culture Jeremy hunt, is married to a native of China, Lucia Guo, whose parents do not speak English, and who spent this convergence of cultural codes 2.500 pounds.

Press Secretary of the politician, however, argued that Mandarin was needed his boss to arrange for the reception of the President of China, arrived in London.

Nick boles, the head of the Ministry of business, innovation and skills great Britain, he studied Hebrew, he spent 1.600 pounds. He said that this knowledge was necessary to develop relationships with the cohabitant – an Israeli Shai Meshullam. However, at some point he was condemned by society and decided to stop to spend for their personal needs taxpayers ‘ money, said in this article.

Previously, this member was famous far beyond his constituency calls to cut spending on pensioners, including depriving them of benefits for winter fuel, free prescriptions in pharmacies and subsidized buses, the newspaper reports Аchievements.

Under British law, MPs can take language lessons if it helps their work in Parliament.

British Minister studied Hebrew with taxpayer money – for sale-Israelite 24.12.2015

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