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British Muslims invite trump to London and is promised a free lunch

British Muslims were invited to the London billionaire Donald trump, candidate for the US presidency from the Republican party, which proposed the other day not to start up in America the followers of Islam and reminded about those areas of the British capital, where fear to tread police. They promise to arrange a tour and treat us to lunch at their own expense.

About it writes on Wednesday, December 9, edition of US Today.
The Muslim Council of Britain which represents all of the Islamic community of this country, claims that trump’s opinion does not coincide with the position of the majority of U.S. residents.

«We strongly reject these ignorant insinuation, according to which in London supposedly have neighborhoods where police are afraid to go. Let him come to the United Kingdom and, if you can call such areas, we will be happy to organize a multiethnic delegation, which will hold him for a tour and feed lunch» – leads the publication the words of representatives of the Council.

Their position is supported and Scotland Yard, who calls trump’s views about the state of Affairs in the British capital erroneous and proposes to hold a lecture on this subject with any of the candidates for the post of head of the White house.

Press Secretary of the head of the government of David Cameron has broken on this occasion, a long-standing tradition in which the British do not criticize the candidates for the presidential seat, and said: «the Prime Minister strongly disagrees with the assessment of Donald trump, he finds her useless and fundamentally wrong».

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, also has a reputation of a notorious politician, was named comments the candidate’s «complete nonsense», adding: «I would not visit those areas of new York where there is a risk to meet trump».

We will remind that on December 7, trump made an unprecedented move of banning the entry into the United States for all Muslims – «as long while those who represent the country, do not understand what happens» after the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino.

This call came during a speech at trump national day (anniversary of the attack on pearl Harbor) in South Carolina, on Board of a warship Yorktown.

He cited the data of sociological polls, according to which a significant portion of the Muslim population of the USA suffers from a hatred of Americans, and about a quarter of respondents agree that violence against Americans is «part of a global Jihad», and half of respondents believe that the Muslims of America should have the right to live under Sharia law.

«Until then while we will not be able to identify and understand the problem and as long as there is the threat that it poses, our country cannot be the victim of a monstrous attack on people who believe in Jihad and are not guided by common sense or respect for human life,» said trump, pojasnili that strengthening his position caused loss of life in California.

Thus, trump has opposed almost all influential U.S. politicians, including President Barack Obama, who after the tragic events in San Bernardino said that this attack should not sow sectarian strife in the country.

British Muslims invite trump to London and is promised a free lunch 09.12.2015

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