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Burger name Erdogan will protect democracy. Review of Russian media

Saudi oil will flow in a new way- the so-called article, published on Tuesday the newspaper «Kommersant», in which it is reported that after the failure of negotiations on the limitation of world oil production Saudi Arabia’s king Salman bin Abdul-Aziz al-Saud dismissed the main newsmaker of the April meeting of oil-producing countries in Doha – Minister of oil Ali al-Naimi. Being an implacable enemy to the reduction of oil production by Saudi Arabia, that’s Ali al-Naimi said about the refusal of Riyadh from the seemingly already agreed deals.

However, experts are convinced that the resignation of the Saudi oil king is caused not by the failure of the Doha meeting, many gather pace radical reforms in the Kingdom, requiring significant updates to the government. The main directions of the new development strategy of the country will become its opening to the outside world and decrease the economy’s dependence on the oil industry.

Russia and the United States may 9 issued a joint appeal on Syria. The document is discussed in the decision most acute problems, which impede establishment of peace in the country, said another material for the same publication.

In particular, countries agreed to identify the territory controlled by the Islamic state (ISIS) and Jabhat al-Nusra», and «to consider decisive action» against them. In addition, Russia and the United States promised to «exert pressure» on the parties to the conflict to ensure the delivery of humanitarian assistance in some isolated areas and to reinforce action to achieve a political settlement of the Syrian conflict». At the meeting of the «friends of Syria» these proposals are assessed as «positive».

Hamburger behalf of Erdogan angered supporters of the President of Turkey in Germany, according to «Rossiyskaya Gazeta».»Our Locallove recognition of press freedom and art» – described the restaurant owner in Cologne jörg transport to Germany of their own culinary creation in an interview with the newspaper Bild. At the end of April this is an original dish with a thick piece of goat cheese you could try in the open a few weeks ago, the restaurant Urban Burgery.

Chef and proprietor says: «After a discussion about the Erdogan and Beermann we thought how can we combine it with our business. Beermann also advance thought much. For freedom we must fight satire with satire. However, after the publication reported on advertising innovation, Timanna had to close the restaurant. The reason for the closure became insults and threats strangest of strangers. The owner of the restaurant, however, is not going to give up. In his plans – the expression «culinary» solidarity with the convicted journalists Dundrum the Kane and Erdem gül, who recently received long prison sentences in Turkey. «We will not allow enemies of democracy to shut our mouth».

The Prosecutor’s office of Turkey withdrew all charges against the alleged murderer of the pilot of the Russian su-24 was shot down in Syria. The Prosecutor’s office of Turkey was cleared of all charges with Alpaslan Celik – the alleged murderer of the pilot of the Russian su-24 was shot down in Syria, the website of radio station «Echo of Moscow» with reference to Turkish press sources in Prosecutor’s office. A Russian bomber was shot down by Turkish aircraft on the Turkish-Syrian border in late November. Turkey claims that it violated the country’s airspace. Russia insists that the bomber was in Syria.

The Commission on investigation of causes of the crash of Tu-154 in Iran in 2010 found that the crash blame the Russian company-the designer and the personnel servicing the flight. This writes the «Nezavisimaya Gazeta» with reference to the representative of the Tehran Prosecutor’s office Gazi Shahriari, who noted that the re-established Commission will investigate the case of negligence of the former management of the airline in the acquisition and operation of the aircraft.

«On the basis of the transferred civil aviation Organization of Iran communication of the Commission, who at that time the investigation of this incident, the cause of the crash become a problem in the valve of the compressor pressure. Ultimately, the Russian company-the designer, as well as the personnel responsible for the maintenance of the flight, declared guilty», – quotes RIA Novosti words Shahriari, said on TV channel IRINN.

Recall that Tu-154M crashed on 24 January 2010 at the airport of the Iranian city Mashhad. Operated by the Russian crew of the ship on Board of which there were 156 people, was destroyed during a forced landing. According to local rescuers, injured 46 passengers. The plane built in 1993 belonged to the Russian airline, OOO «Kogalymavia» and was rented by the Iranian airline Taban Air.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting on defense industry told about the effectiveness of operations in Syria. According to the President, the Russian aircraft made 10 of thousands of sorties, thousands struck 30 terrorist targets.»Efficiency and high quality of Russian weapons is clearly demonstrated in Syria. Videoconferencing and Navy is the best way we were shown», – quotes words of the President, «Komsomolskaya Pravda».

However, the Russian President acknowledged that during the military operation were identified some problems with military equipment and demanded the most thorough investigation of each such case.

The Anglo-Saxons stubbornly lay in the head not only of his countrymen but also of citizens around the world, a version that in world war II, they have won. And the Soviet Union… they just helped fighting «in the rear of the Wehrmacht». Written that way a few years ago, the head of the famous American analysis company Stratfor, George Friedman. After this treatment, any student in the United States and in England will learn who the true winners: the USSR is not present more than «adjective» – outraged journalist Sergei Filatov, in the article published by the newspaper «Izvestia».

In the heart of London «allies-the winners of the» put a monument. It says Churchill Allies – «Allies of Churchill.» But why, along with Churchill and Roosevelt in this sculpture is not the head of the Soviet Union – a country that smashed Nazi Germany in chips and took Berlin? No you on this question can not be answered.

Burger name Erdogan will protect democracy. Review of Russian media 10.05.2016

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