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Burning the baby alive from Tula is divided by three moms. Review of the Russian media

Dispute the former owners of YUKOS with the Russian authorities concerning recognition and enforcement of decisions of the Hague arbitration on $50 billion enters into an active phase. Russia presented the last defences, and now the court of the district of Columbia to decide whether the dispute in its jurisdiction. Lawyers believe that the court will likely agree to hear the case, but Russia has a chance of winning, writes on Tuesday the newspaper «Kommersant».

One of the main arguments of lawyers White&Case, representing in the lawsuit of the Russian Federation is the lack of an arbitration agreement between the parties, allowing to refer the dispute to the Hague arbitration. Justifying the position of the Russian side refers to the jurisprudence and rejected all three grounds for the existence of the arbitration agreement: there was no real offer of its conclusion, was not the recipient of this proposal and his consent is on the other side. Lawyers of the Russian Federation added that, according to FSID (the U.S. law on sovereign immunity of foreign States), questions about the determination of jurisdiction may not be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the arbitrators, and the plaintiffs failed to prove that Russia has agreed to such transfer, the newspaper reports.

The leading political force in France – the party «the Republicans» (LR) and the ruling socialist Party (PS) have made the first conclusions from the results of the second round of regional elections. The defeat of the far-right party, marine Le Pen, the front national (FN), which has failed to come to power in any of the regions, but received the votes of 27% of voters, will force the winners to change strategy, says the French correspondent of «Kommersant» Alexei Tarkhanov.

Previously, marine Le Pen was predicted that on the political map of France will dominate, not two (right — and left-centrist) party, and three. Now everyone can see that. And FN does not compete for the third, and in the first place. And by the end of this vote, the party has tripled the number of its representatives in the regional councils. According to marine Le Pen, the FN has become the «main opposition force».

Prime Minister Manuel Valls called for the left to think about the reasons for the failure: «it makes us listen more to the French.» His answer to marine Le Pen – the fight against unemployment, which hit all the records since 1997. He is preparing «shock measures» designed to create new jobs. His second trump card can be a struggle for security.

The app «Power» reports that for the first time in Russian history bloggers can get a real prison term for extortion. But judging by the materials of the case, webloggers can put not only criminal, but also for political reasons.

29 October it became known about the detention of three of the most controversial bloggers of Samara – Dmitry Runner, Omarovoj of Natalia and Oleg Ivanets, who during the search found money from some businessmen for refusing to host the dirt. Against detainees criminal case under article «Extortion committed by a group of persons in especially large size» (part 3 of article 163 of the criminal code). According to investigators, bloggers expect to receive from the businessman Shatilo 3 million rubles in exchange for a promise to remove from the Internet compromising information about him and his company «Modern medical technologies».

Then a private history of beginning to acquire new items. The investigators reported that the region acted in an organized group, which was engaged in extortion of money from persons involved in different cases.

MEP Yana Toom confident that EU sanctions against Russia will be lifted within six months, according to «Rossiyskaya Gazeta». «I’m sure that after six months of anti-Russian sanctions will not be. Such a plan is. If there will be any stuff like downed aircraft, etc.», – the MP said during his speech at the seminar of its faction in the European Parliament.

Nezavisimaya Gazeta publishes an extensive analytical article Nicholas Gulbinsko called «Dystopia «Russia» together a real country», where the author gives many examples confirming this thesis.

The article ends with these words: «Listening to a recent interview Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, it was hard to escape the impression that this man says about a virtual world, only by accident called «Russia». In this world Premier feels easy, carefree and fun. And he genuinely does not understand what you are making of it hard-bitten journalists. Some truck drivers, pensioners, patients in rural hospitals… is someone else in this country does not enjoy the fullness of happiness? No, that positively can’t be! Probably, they are simply a «Troll». And he smiles with relief».

Pro-government newspaper «Izvestia» published an article by Yegor Kholmogorova, publicist ultrapatriotism sense that reasons of what were, in reality, the Decembrists, whom they «woke up» and who in the modern history of Russia can apply for their role.

«Swamp the opposition again willingly identify themselves with a post on the Senate square. «We like the Decembrists» – I heard something personally from Ksenia Sobchak. Supposedly the power of Vladimir Putin turned into a cobweb-covered autocracy, and we the youthful unfamiliar tribe carry on their hipster glasses glare freedom. Mere observation of these people in conditions of national revival of the Russian people in 2014-2015 convinced that another victory of the autocracy over the decembrism was for the best.

In fact, the Decembrist movement was the opposition to the Russian autocracy as such, of historical Russia, and the numerous irregularities and atrocities of the reign of Alexander. Decembrist program in principle could be realized only in one case if was carried out by the autocracy and on behalf of the autocracy, would be taken by the people as the Tsar’s will.

Only once future Decembrists seriously thinking about a military rebellion and regicide – this was a response to the intention of Alexander I granted Poland a Constitution, which the Russians did not deserve, and at the same time to give Warsaw the most part returned Ekaterina Russian lands. The plan was a slap in the face to all Russian patriots, in which each reacted to the extent of his radicalism.

This feature is an attempt to make a revolution not at the expense of people’s consciousness, but due to the hype and is the most unsympathetic in decembrism. She inherited revolutionarily impostors-the»Decembrists» in full. Today, Khodorkovsky is calling for revolution, he is well aware that appeals to the people, the enemy of national and economic interests which he was and still is».

Burning alive baby from Tula require to take foster mother and give it to another woman. «Komsomolskaya Pravda» is investigating this case, trying to understand : does little Matthew fell into the hands of «enemies of the people» and its destiny can be solved only by Putin?

Matthew passed a medical procedure – phototherapy. On the lamp, contrary to the elementary rules of security, for some reason, threw the diaper, and when the fire started, none of the medical staff in the box was not. According to investigators, the child was on fire for 12 minutes, until the heart-rending children’s shout ran to the nurse. Matthew suffered burns on 70 percent of the body and internal organs. His face was completely burnt. With such injuries do not survive, but the doctors in the burn unit managed to perform a miracle.

Unhappiness but Matthew was not finished. 19-year-old boy’s mother refused it. Then the crippled child decided to take Natalia Serganova. This is a legendary person in Tula, she raised 2 and 35 foster children. However, the right to adopt Matthew (in the previous case about the adoption didn’t go) got a wife from Moscow, their last name, as is customary in such situations, is not called. In response to this, social media has risen «wave of wrath»: the guardianship decided to kill Matthew, convinced bloggers. The weekend in social networks appeared a video message to President Putin actress and TV presenter Alena Khmelnytsky. On behalf of concerned people she has asked the President to personally intervene in the adoption process.

Burning the baby alive from Tula is divided by three moms. Review of the Russian media 15.12.2015

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