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BuzzFeed: Missile tests in Iran, which was not called the wrath of trump

«On Friday, Iranian state Press TV has published a video which allegedly had captured the successful launch of a ballistic missile, able to fly 2 thousand miles,» recalls columnist for the Buzzfeed’s Hayes brown.

The next day, trump in his Twitter referred to this start to criticize the agreement with Iran. The US President wrote: «Iran has just tested a Ballistic Missile capable of reaching Israel. They also work with North Korea. Not very good we have an agreement!»

However, the American channel Fox News, citing two unnamed us officials, said: actually it was footage of a failed test of a rocket in January of this year, the publication reports.

«On Friday, ahead of the announcement about the tests, the missile «Khoramshahr» was put on display at a military parade. But in January a missile test failed in its return to the dense layers of the atmosphere after it flew about 600 miles. Well, on Friday there were no missile launches,» reads the article. An unnamed us official said in an interview with CNN: «as far As we can see, it wasn’t.»

According to the author, it is unclear why trump didn’t know the news about the launch false. Either he knew it, but still made a Twitter account about the hypothetical «startup».

BuzzFeed: Missile tests in Iran, which was not called the wrath of trump 26.09.2017

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