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BuzzFeed: the main expert of the Litvinenko became a victim of the Russian special services

Matthew Puncher, a member of the British research center for nuclear energy, who conducted an assessment of the quantity of polonium in the body of a former Russian special services of Alexander Litvinenko in the investigation of his death, was killed.

About it writes on Tuesday, June 20, BuzzFeed, citing sources in U.S. intelligence.

After studying the nature of the multiple stab wounds on the body of the deceased scientist the American intelligence came to the conclusion that they are not signs of suicide, says the publication.

Sources BuzzFeed saying that this murder involved the secret services of Russia. «Russian spies are trained to bring people to suicide» this is one of the main arguments of the supporters of this version. The relatives of the murdered have already stated that they do not believe in the version of his suicide, says BuzzFeed.

The publication reports that the Puncher was engaged in development of a program for measuring the level of polonium in the body of the former employees of the Soviet enterprises for the production of nuclear weapons and cooperated with the US authorities. The findings of scientists in the investigation of the murder of Litvinenko became the key argument for the British authorities, who said that he was killed on the personal orders of President Vladimir Putin.

In may last year, a few months after the publication of the verdict of the expert, the Puncher was found dead in his house located in Oxfordshire. In his hand he held a large kitchen knife, a second lay bloodied with the kitchen sink.

The official cause of death the police called a suicide. However, the wife of a scientist said that before he died, he was thinking about a «mistake» that was made during one of the studies. According to her, the mood of the examiner changed after a trip to Russia: «the impression that he was indifferent.»

BuzzFeed News reported, citing informed sources, that at least 14 people suspected of collaborating with us intelligence were killed in the UK Russian mobsters or employees of the secret services. According to experts, after Putin came to power, the interests of these two groups often coincide. The British police refused to verify suspicions and shut down these criminal cases.

Seventeen high-ranking intelligence officials on both sides of the Atlantic, both active and retired, claimed in an interview with BuzzFeed News that the Russian assassins are operating with impunity in the territory of the United Kingdom. They called Litvinenko’s murder «outrageous provocation», but this and other similar crimes are not investigated for fear of angering the Russian government and desire to protect the flow of Russian money in British banks and real estate.

Earlier this month, the office of the Director of National intelligence (ODNI) has prepared and delivered to the British intelligence services report that the Russian financier and informer in the Magnitsky case Alexander Perepelichny was «most likely killed on the direct order of Putin or people close to him.»

BuzzFeed quotes from this document, which says: «With a high degree of confidence we can talk about the murder Perepelichny on the orders of the Kremlin.» Official representatives of the ODNI and the CIA declined to comment, citing the high level of secrecy.

The body of businessman was discovered near his home in Weybridge on 10 November 2012. It was reported that he left the house for a run. Sudden death Perepelichny aroused suspicion due to the fact that he could testify in the case of the death of Hermitage Capital lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who died in 2009 in a Russian prison. The businessman emigrated to Britain shortly after the death of Magnitsky.

During the year, the UK police investigated the circumstances of the death of 44-year-old Russian businessman, however, nothing suspicious to find her have failed. failed no re-autopsy or Toxicological examination. Police came to the conclusion that the businessman died «of natural causes».

BuzzFeed: the main expert of the Litvinenko became a victim of the Russian special services

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