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Called the London the name of the third terrorist: the son of an Italian and a Moroccan Yusuf Zarb

On Tuesday afternoon the security service of great Britain has published the name of the third terrorist from among those who on Saturday made the attack on London bridge: according to them, the son of Moroccan Yusuf Zarb.

In March this year, Zarb was arrested at the airport in Rome for attempting to infiltrate Syria through Turkey. This time the terrorist was detained in Bologna, where his mother, an Italian by nationality, according to the 6 June, the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

The phone of the detainee was found «religious content», as they say in the police report, the Islamist photos and videos. However, as emphasized in the article, evidence of his commitment to the «jihadi fundamentalism» the guards were not found.

Yusuf Zarb was born in 1995 in Fes, Morocco, and regularly visited Italy, where today his mother. Recently Zarb worked in one of the restaurants of London.

In the state archives Zarb appeared as a «suspect in crime», unofficial sources claim that he was convicted on charges of international terrorism, but the court acquitted him.

Italian intelligence reports that the name Sarbi was in the «black list of potentially dangerous persons» – about his travels regularly informed the British and Moroccan authorities.

On the eve of the Scotland Yard announced the names of two other terrorists involved in the attack on residents and guests of the British capital on Saturday, June 3. According to UK police, the attack was carried out by Huruma BATT and Rashid Redvan.

27-year-old Khurram shazad butt was born in Pakistan and had British citizenship. He had previously come to the attention of the police and counterintelligence service MI5.

30-year-old Rashid Redvan was a native of Libya, or Morocco. It is known that he also was posing as Rashid Eldar, who was born 31 July 1991.

The UK authorities also appealed to the public for help in gathering information about terrorists — about the places they visited, and their travels in the last days and hours before the attack.

Called the London the name of the third terrorist: the son of an Italian and a Moroccan Yusuf Zarb

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