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Cambridge Analytica office was evacuated because of suspicious package

The headquarters of the British analytical company Cambridge Analytica, located in London, was evacuated because of delivered to a suspicious package, which was announced Thursday, March 22, the British tabloid The Daily Mail.

Some time, the building, located on new Oxford street was cordoned off, but after experts said that the package was not a threat, the police cordon was removed.

As previously reported, Cambridge Analytica appeared this week in the center of an international scandal: the company managed to collect the personal data of tens of millions of users of Facebook (according to The New York Times, more than 50 million) and to develop an algorithm for analysis of political preferences of voters. This allowed, in particular, to show users «the right» political advertising and influence their choices.

Publications on this issue appeared last week. A new round of scandal began after the airing of a program on British TV channel Channel 4 News devoted to the investigation of the Cambridge Analytica.

As stated in many publications, Cambridge Analytica can cooperate with the headquarters of Donald trump on the eve of elections of the President of the United States. It is assumed that this helped Trump to win. Mentioned about the possible impact on the British Brexit referendum.

The correspondent of Channel 4 News, posing as a customer from Sri Lanka, between November 2017 and January 2018 and have met several times with representatives of the Cambridge Analytica, including Executive Director of the company Alexander Nix. The conversation was filmed with a hidden camera.

The journalist has declared its readiness to conclude a commercial agreement with Cambridge Analytica to influence the outcome of elections in Sri Lanka. During the conversation with him, the Knicks talked about the readiness to collect dirt on candidates using established technology company, spread false information, discrediting political opponents, to bribe with a record of this procedure, to put it then to the Internet, and even «to send girls to the house of the candidate.»

In conversation with the «client» nix mentioned that Cambridge Analytica uses the services of former employees of the British and Israeli intelligence, said The Guardian.

In addition to Alexander nix, a correspondent for Channel 4 News met with the managing Director of world politics in Cambridge Analytica mark Tornblom and head of the information Department Alex Taylor, as well as a representative of the company Strategic Communications Laboratories, collaborated with Cambridge Analytica. During these interviews there was information that these companies to some extent «worked» in over 200 election campaigns. In particular, he named such countries as Czech Republic, India, Argentina, Nigeria and Kenya.

The Prosecutor General’s office of Massachusetts has announced the initiation of an investigation against Facebook and Cambridge Analytica to determine whether there has been illegal interference in the election campaigns in the United States. The state of Connecticut also intends to investigate the activities of Cambridge Analytica.

After the airing of the Channel 4 investigation into the management of the company Cambridge Analytica confirmed that meetings of the correspondent of the TV channel with senior representatives of the company, but said that their words were misinterpreted. According to Cambridge Analytica, the company seeks to avoid unethical and illegal actions, and the «client» said about the possibility of bribes and to send prostitutes «joke», checking his reaction to such proposals. In the company categorically deny that, in the interests of the client can be sent false information.

However, Alexander nix has already declared readiness to resign as Director of the Cambridge Analytica, if it will help to restore the reputation of the company.

March 21, after several days of silence, founder and CEO of Facebook mark Zuckerberg commented in his blog a scandal around the leak of data of millions of users. He said that the company has already taken steps to protect users ‘ data and shut down the vulnerability, which took advantage of Cambridge Analytica.

Cambridge Analytica office was evacuated because of suspicious package 22.03.2018

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