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Cameron called for a referendum on EU membership on 23 June

The Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron said on 20 February that a referendum on the further stay of the country in the European Union will be held on January 23.

The UK Parliament should consider the decision on the referendum on February 21. The Prime Minister said that calls on citizens to support the preservation of Britain’s membership in the European Union. According to him, withdrawal from the EU would jeopardize the country’s economy and its national security. He stressed that before the British there is a very important choice about the future.

«I don’t like Brussels. I love the UK. It’s not that we cannot survive without the EU. It’s about the fact that within the EU we will be stronger and safer,» he said.

The day before Cameron was able to get EU concessions on important issues. The agreement enshrines the special status of great Britain, helped to keep the primacy of national institutions in the financial sector, and cut social benefits for immigrants. In addition, the decisions of the European Union on political integration will not apply to the UK.

Cameron called for a referendum on EU membership on 23 June 20.02.2016

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