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Cameron: the EU’s failure to negotiate will force me to support out of the EU

The Prime Minister said to his closest associates that will be forced to launch a campaign for the country’s withdrawal from the European Union, if the current dialogue with Brussels will fail.

David Cameron said that if Brussels will continue to «completely ignore it», then he will be forced to personally lead the fight for withdrawal from the EU, reports The Telegraph.

British leadership hoped to secure the agreement with the EU to allow him to speak for a further stay of the country in the European Union. In particular, Cameron demanded to cut social benefits for immigrants, insisting on the refusal of great Britain to further integration and preservation of national currencies, on the right of the British Parliament to reject EU directives, etc., but the EU is not ready to seriously consider his claims.

He planned to conclude the contract, and in the summer of 2016 to have a referendum, but at the moment the chances of success of negotiations in the near future seems bleak.

Initially, Cameron had planned to hold a referendum before the end of 2017, but it seems that the vote will take place in 2016. According to recent polls, the number of supporters and opponents of leaving the EU in the UK is about the same.

Cameron: the EU’s failure to negotiate will force me to support out of the EU 05.12.2015

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