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Campaign in Israel, «One state for two peoples – Palestine»

Sunday, January 15, the opening day of the Paris conference for the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, in the cities of Israel and the Israeli media was launched a campaign «One State for Two People – Palestine» («One state for two peoples – Palestine»).

— Hollande: peace process in the middle East threatened by terrorists and the settlers

This campaign initiated by the public organization «Generals for the security of Israel», which includes more than 200 former senior officers of the IDF, the Shin bet, «mosada» and the police, including Amnon Reshef, AMI Ayalon, Zvi Zamir, Danny Yatom, Shabtai Shavit, AVI Mizrachi, Dan Halutz, A. Chafetz. This organization actively opposes the policies of the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ignoring of the Paris conference.

The aim of the campaign «one state for two peoples» is an indication of the risk of rejection of the formula of «two States for two peoples», adopted on the basis of a scheme for peaceful settlement of the so-called «middle East Quartet» (UN, US, EU and Russia).

The campaign was released posters with inscriptions in Arabic, which appeared on the streets of Israeli cities, in the Newspapers «Yediot Aharonot» and «Haaretz», as well as on the websites of these publications.

«The generals for the security of Israel» insist on the fact that the reluctance of the Netanyahu government to make painful concessions for the implementation of the peace plan on the formula of «two States for two peoples,» presenting a situation where the Jewish state will become a country with a predominantly Arab population.

When calling the phone numbers listed in the ads, sounds record the statements of the former commander of the Central district of the IDF major General AVI Mizrahi, who says: «You irritate posters? After a couple of days they will disappear. But don’t disappear for two and a half million Palestinians in Judea and Samaria. They want to become the majority – and it is them we want to join? If we are not separate from the Palestinians, Israel will become less Jewish and less safe. We need to separate from the Palestinians now.»

15 January in the French capital launched an international conference on the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The conference was attended by delegations from 70 countries. The European Union is the Supreme Commissioner on foreign policy of Federica Mogherini, France – foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, USA – Secretary of state John Kerry leaving his post after five days, when the oath of office will take Donald trump.

Israel is boycotting the conference. At the last moment from participating in it refused and the Chairman of the Palestinian national authority Mahmoud Abbas in advance of a planned visit to France. He was restricted to the talks with President Francois Hollande. Then it was reported that the participation of the Israeli and Palestinian delegations had been made.

Opening the weekly Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the ongoing Paris conference on resolving the middle East conflict. «Conference opening today in Paris – a fool’s errand, conceived by the French and the Palestinians to try to impose on Israel conditions that are incompatible with our national interests, – said the head of government. – It is, undoubtedly, alienates the world, strengthening the intransigence of the Palestinian position and taking away the Palestinians direct negotiations without preconditions. I must say that this conference – the last convulsions of the old world that tomorrow will look different, and tomorrow it is already very close.»

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Campaign in Israel, «One state for two peoples – Palestine» 15.01.2017

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